Happy Yoga Monday – Giving Myself the Gift of Kundalini Yoga

Photo Credit: http://yogahousestudio.com
Photo Credit: http://yogahousestudio.com

Happy Yoga Monday!

Since it’s National Yoga Month, I decided to up my yoga game by adding a weekly Kundalini class to my practice. I am taking classes offered by Yoga House founder Elizabeth Greathouse a/k/a Gurumukh East on Saturday mornings.

Elizabeth Greathouse - Photo Credit: Photo Credit: http://yogahousestudio.com
Elizabeth Greathouse – Photo Credit: Photo Credit: http://yogahousestudio.com

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness because it uses body locks, breathing exercises, eye-focus, mantras, mudras, and yoga postures to help you gain control over your body’s mental, physical, and nervous energies. It also helps you to balance your glandular system, strengthen your nervous system, expand your lung capacity, and purifiy your blood. The word “Kundalini” refers to energy located at the base of your spine that can be drawn up through the body to awaken your seven chakras (energy centers).

Photo Credit: http://yogahealthfoundation.org/yoga_month
Photo Credit: http://yogahealthfoundation.org/yoga_month

Are you trying any new types of yoga or yoga poses during National Yoga Month?



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