Calling all BlogHer 13 attendees! Be sure to check out my 30 minute talk on “What Type of Social Media Leader Are You? on July 26 and 27. During my talk, I will introduce the seven Digital Sisterhood Leadership archetypes that have helped me understand the leadership roles women play in social media. Today, I would like to introduce you to the Enchantista, one of the Digital Sisterhood Leadership archetypes.

Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley –
Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley –

An Enchantista is a woman who taps into the magic of her spirit as she focuses her energy, opens her heart, trusts her intuition, embraces her fears, and shares her gifts in service to others.


During Digital Sisterhood Month 2012, the women listed below were named Digital Sisters of the Year – Enchantistas. Recognize any familiar names?

Enchantista Manifesto Collage by Ananda Leeke
Enchantista Manifesto Collage by Ananda Leeke

While writing my upcoming Digital Sisterhood book, I created manifesto collages to better understand each leadership archetype. Check out the Enchantista’s key phrases.

Do any of the words resonate with you?

Are you an Enchantista?

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