New Beginnings

Photo Credit: Colette Ngo Ngdom
Photo Credit: Colette Ngo Ngdom

Hi All,

Winter 2013 has been a series of new beginnings for me. The theme of new beginnings inspired me to return to my regular practice of blogging for FUN! Yep I said for FUN! So I developed an editorial calendar for my blog and social media posts that corresponds to my personal brand, “Yoga + Creativity + Internet Geek = Ananda Leeke.

Yesterday, I launched Creativity Thursdays to share creativity reflections and resources and my creative work. Next week, I am launching Yoga Mondays and Internet Geek Tuesdays. Each day allows me to share reflections and resources about my passions. I hope they inspire you to pursue and celebrate your passions!

Enjoy your weekend!

PS: Remember to stop by on Yoga Mondays, Internet Geek Tuesdays, and Creativity Thursdays! Be sure to follow me on Twitter @anandaleeke, LIKE me on Facebook, connect with me on LinkedIn, pin with me on Pinterest, and hang out with me on Google+!

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