My Digital Diet for the Week of April 9

Writing a book is a magical and messy process for me. My blog gives me the space to share how the process impacts me. Last week I came to some conclusions about my time online. I realized I need to set deeper digital boundaries.

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Today I came up with a schedule I think I can live with for the next several months. Here’s my digital diet for the week of April 9.

  • Check my smart phone for email, texts, tweets, and Facebook posts in the evening.
  • Leave my smart phone at home during the work week unless I am meeting someone in person and/or travelling.
  • Post one blog per week on WordPress and Tumblr.
  • Use Pinterest two days a week (no more than 1 hour).
  • Tweet on Twitter on Digital Sisterhood Wednesdays (end tweeting by 9:00 pm).
  • Post on Facebook and Google+ two days a week (that includes Digital Sisterhood Wednesdays).
  • Use Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo when I have photos and videos to upload.

What do you think about my digital diet?

Have you ever unplugged from your tech life, gone on a digital diet, or taken a digital sabbatical?

What did you learn from your experiences?

Any tips?


  1. i have also put myself on a digi diet. I dont tweet/facebook as much and it’s super limited in the evenings and not at all over the weekends. I’ve also cut back on the personal blogging cause I felt I was over sharing and needed to just be there and enjoy whatever was happening ya know? Looking forward to your book 🙂

    1. Thanks lady for responding. I totally feel you on the digital diet. I think we all come to places where we must re-examine how we use the digital space. Thanks for the well wishes on the book.

  2. Ananda, great concept. I came to the relatively same conclusion a while ago, that “something had to give.” For me, that was Twitter.

    While I cannot limit it to specific days or times due to the fact that I am a purely digital professional (I make my living consulting about digital), I have scaled waaaay back when I’m busy. There are days I’m too busy with work or projects to get on. However, when I have the time, Twitter is the first channel I’ll go back to because it does provide important connections and professional news for me.

    I also decided a few years ago to “keep one channel purely personal.” I chose Facebook and am so relieved to have dropped the “pressure to post” all the time. Now, I scroll through friends’ updates and colleague’s posts, comment at will, and truly enjoy my time on Facebook.

    I’ll look forward to reading more about your diet and how it evolves. All diets do, don’t they?

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