Latinas and Web 2.0 – The Sweet Spot Session @Blogalicious 2010 was inspiring to me!

Before I attended Blogalicious 2010, I interviewed my LATISM hermanas Julie Diaz-Asper and Elianne Ramos about the Latinas in Social Media Bloguera (blogger) Survey on the October 5th episode of Blogatique with Ananda Leeke on BlogTalkRadio.  Click here to listen to the amazing show. Julie and Elianne confirmed what I already knew: Latinas are a powerful force online and offline! FYI: I also witnessed the power of  Latinas at BlogHer 2010!

Side Note:  I met Julie and Kety Esquivel at She’s Geeky DC held at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) in November 2009. They convinced me to attend and teach yoga for social media users at the LATISM DC conference in December 2009. While at LATISM DC, I met LATISM’s co-founder Ana Roca Castro, Elianne, and so many other members of the Latino social media community.

Kety Esquivel - Photo Credit: Carol Cain
Latinas and Web 2.0 session panel - Photo Credit: Carol Cain

Kety moderated the Latinas and Web 2.0 – The Sweet Spot session on October 8 at Blogalicious.  The session featured four of the key Latina Web 2.0 influencers:  Veronica Arreola, DeAnne Cuellar, Aurelia Flores, and Maura Wall Hernandez.  Each of the panelists shared some great points. See my takeaways below.

  • Aurelia Flores: “Doing what I have done has actually not only underscored, but made very clear to me that every woman has a story… and an amazing story. And it is really really important that we listen to each other and tell those stories. And so for me online is a medium to do that.”
  • Veronica Arreola: “Be patient. Don’t jump at every opportunity. You need to be responsible… Our blogs, our social media platforms are very powerful… We are very powerful women using powerful tools. And we need to be responsible with that.”
  • Maura Hernandez: “Find your own niche and own it. It is so important to focus. If you find your niche, people will begin to know you as an expert.”
  • DeAnne Cuellar:  “If you start using a specific tool or begin an account with a specific network, and it doesn’t work, move on. It’s okay if you don’t want to tweet…Find what works for you.”

Watch the video (1 hour 10 minutes – totally worth watching!) below.

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