Calling All Women in Social Media! Join Ananda’s 10/13 Twitter Launch of #STB10 #DigitalSisterhood Wednesdays.

On the last day of Blogalicious 2010, I recorded a video about my 10/13 Twitter launch of #STB10 #DigitalSisterhood Wednesdays. Click on the link to watch the video:
#STB10 #DigitalSisterhood Wednesdays will give women in social media a weekly opportunity to build and strengthen their communities. Each week women will be encouraged to celebrate and promote their digital sisters by using the #FF (Friday Follow) format to list their digital sisters’ Twitter IDs. Women will also be encouraged to tweet about their digital sisters’ businesses, wisdom, creativity, blogs, Facebook pages, causes, videos, web sites, etc.

#STB10 is a hashtag that refers to Sisterhood the Blog 2010. I developed it to track my Twitter conversations, DC-based focus groups, and online radio shows about her Sisterhood the Blog book project. Sisterhood the Blog is a memoir about my Internet experiences from 1986 to 2011. I include how women on the Internet have influenced and inspired my life. I am using the information collected on Twitter as research for my book project. Click here to learn about the book project and Kickstarter fundraiser:

Remember to use the #STB10 and #DigitalSisterhood hashtags on October 13 and every Wednesday thereafter.

Follow me on Twitter to track all of the great #STB10 #DigitalSisterhood sharing on Wednesdays:

Thank you for your support!

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