My 5th Examiner Article: Authors can use social media to become gatejumpers

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  1. Thank you for the kind compliments on my blog and my post on the truth chapter. It means the world to me as I have been reading your blog for a while and really admire your writing. I have also been enjoying the examiner articles very much. I am so very honored you would like to reference my blog in one of your articles. I am indeed based in DC, though I started blogging in 2007 while living in NYC/Brooklyn and did not move to DC until late 2008 (I did live in DC once before, but that was pre-blogging and pre-social media LOL). Also, I blog completely anonymously (including through use of the pseudonym City Girl) because of my employer, ie I dont even include first names in my posts to make it as anonymous as possible. Again, I really appreciate your referencing my blog in an article. It is truly an honor.

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