Sign the 2009 pledge to Free the Internet and End the Digital Divide

Dear Friends,

This week, on September 22, people all over the world are celebrating OneWebDay.

Founded by Susan Crawford, who now advises President Obama on science, technology, and innovation policy, OneWebDay is a global event which is celebrated every September 22 since 2006. Much like Earth Day, which inspired it, OneWebDay provides an opportunity for communities to celebrate the power of Web for positive change, to take action to protect what is precious about it, and to educate the public and policy-makers on key social, economic, and political Web issues.

This year’s theme — One Web. For All — is all about digital inclusion, digital literacy, and working to close the digital divide. OneWebDay organizers are calling attention to efforts that work to ensure that anyone who wants it has access to the Internet and the skills they need to engage in our new communications environment.

The fight for digital inclusion is now on the cutting edge in the long struggle for social and economic justice. Access to a fast, affordable, and open Internet is essential for every child in school, every entrepreneur with a new idea, and anyone who wants full access to our government and the democratic process.

To show my support for OneWebDay and digital inclusion efforts, I have signed the 2009 pledge to Free the Internet and End the Digital Divide. I hope you will join me and help to spread the word.

Read and sign the pledge here! Or copy and paste in the following URL into your Web browser:

Find out more about OneWebDay and how you can get involved here.

Enjoy your day and week!
Peace, Creativity, and One.Web For All,

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