Week 3 of Wreck This Journal – Come Alive CD by The Roots Became My Creativity Playlist




Hi All,

It’s week 3 in the Wreck This Journal Book Blogging journey:  http://tnc-wreckthisjournal.blogspot.com.  This week I started wrecking my journal on June 15 while listening to the Come Alive CD by The Roots.  My favorite songs for wrecking my journal were:

  • “All I Know”
  • “Y’all Know Who”
  • “What You Want”
  • “Love of My Life”

Do you have a Wreck This Journal playlist?

My favorite journal wrecking activities were:

  • p. 58 – Pretending to doodle on the back on an envelope with an orange magic marker (lots of hearts, scribbles, and square boxes).
  • p. 98 – The page of good thoughts was filled with reminder that God is love in pink magic marker.
  • p. 146 – The space for negative comments and what is your inner critic saying awakened my inner critic Broomhilda. Click here to learn more about her:  http://kiamshacom.blogspot.com/search?q=broomhilda. Broomhilda criticized me for writing a book  (my new poetic memoir – That Which Awakens me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir – Summer 2009) with too many pages that folks won’t read. She accused me of pretending to be more than I am. She also told me I wasn’t ready to shiine.  She released her usual criticism about my muffin Buddha belly and told me my current work with my life coach Yael to tone my belly and improve my core and self-acceptance were worthless.


My inner critic Broomhilda

This week was full of insights. The inner critic exercise was the main source of the insights.  I’m glad I am working with my life coach Yael to strengthen my self-acceptance.  That’s why I am smiling right now about  Broomhilda’s criticisms.  They let me know I am on the right path to shining my beauty and sharing my gifts. 

I will visit more Wreck This Journal sistalove blogs next week after I get back from Chicago and the Blogging While Brown conference (www.bloggingwhilebrown.com).

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy your day and weekend!

Peace and Creativity,



  1. The picture of Broomhilda is priceless. Glad your life coach is helping to put her voice on mute. Enjoy
    the bloggingwhilebrown conference.

  2. I am sorry that I will be missing you & the other kinfolk at the BWB conference in Chicago this weekend. Have a great time … and take plenty of pictures!

    peace, Villager

  3. Your inner critic Broomhilda sounds like she did a number on your journal! So glad you included a picture of her. Happy wrecking!

  4. What fabulous wreckage – Thanks for the visual of the critic. how cool. It must be interesting having a name for that part of you — I should think about figuring out what my critic is called. Great idea!

  5. I have never thought of giving that inner thought of critisism a name. How clever of you. Keep fighting Broomhilda.
    You go girl!

  6. Love the idea of having a WTJ playlist! Ouch, that Broomhilda packs a punch. It’s good she had a place to put her negativity. Hmm… maybe that’s another good page to burn 🙂

  7. That Broomhilda is one scary chick — and her portrait is phenomenal!!! Never thought of a playlist, thank you for that! Broomhilda, look out, there is a lotta wreckin goin on here despite your best most protective efforts. 🙂

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