Happy Yoga Monday! 4/1

Smiling is mouth yoga!
Smiling is mouth yoga!

Happy Yoga Monday!

Did you know that when you smile you are doing mouth yoga?

Yes, really. It’s not an April Fool’s joke! I learned it from one of my Buddhist teachers, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Click here to watch my short video on mouth yoga! Enjoy!

OM #YogaMonday OM!

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Recap from 30 Days of Poetry, Jazz & Earth Day Awareness – Listen to Ananda’s audio blogs from April 24 – 30

National Poetry Month 2010 was amazing!  My 30 Days of Poetry, Jazz, and Earth Day Awareness celebration gave me a chance to rediscover some of my favorite poets and poems. I also discovered new poets and poems.  I had big fun recording my audio blogs and posting them on Cinchcast, Twitter, and Facebook each day.  Just in case you missed listening to them, I have included a list of links for the period of April 24 to April 30 below.  Enjoy!

Links for my audio blogs with poetry for April 24 to April 30: