Happy Internet Geek Tuesday: Celebrating My Favorite Mobile Apps in 2013

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

As we get closer to the final days of 2013, I am reflecting on my favorite digital experiences and tools. Today, I thought it would be great to share my two favorite digital tools for 2013: Pandora.com and VoiceBo mobile apps. First of all, I am so grateful that both of these apps are FREE to use.

Photo Credit: Pandora.com
Photo Credit: Pandora.com

My love affair with Pandora.com started a few years ago. This year, it intensified as I started using the app on my iPad at home (during my yoga, meditation, and writing practices) and when I traveled.

Photo Credit: VoiceBo
Photo Credit: VoiceBo

VoiceBo and I are in a very affectionate stage where I am relying on it more and more to create audio content for Digital Sisterhood Month’s morning reflections. I discovered VoiceBo last year when Cinchcast, my audio blog main squeeze, shut down. Click here to listen to my VoiceBo recordings (all are less than 5 minutes).

What are your favorite digital tools for 2013?

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! 4/16


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Talkshoe.com is a podcast tool that makes my life easy. It’s free to use and requires very little technical know-how.  I have been using Talkshoe to host Internet radio shows since 2008. Currently, I host the Digital Sisterhood Radio show which will begin its 2013 season later this year.

Do you listen to or host podcasts?

What are your favorite podcasts?

If you are thinking about launching a podcast, click here to read my 14 tips. Also, I encourage you to read my blog post that discusses the nine benefits of podcasting. Click here to check out my Podcasting 101 Pinterest board. I created it last year for a Podcasting 101 panel I moderated during  the BlogHer conference in New York City.

#BlogHer12 Recap #2: Ananda Moderates Podcasting 101 Panel

Photo Credit: Ananda Leeke

Hi All,

Last week was AWESOME! Why? The BlogHer 12′ conference in New York City. During the conference, I had the privilege of moderating a fantastic Podcasting 101 panel discussion with my brilliant co-panelists Deborah Shane and Jasmin Singer. These ladies were INCREDIBLE! They shared from their hearts and gave the audience lots of great information and feedback. Special thanks Deborah and Jasmin for making the panel a success!

Podcasting Panel members Jasmin Singer, Ananda Leeke & Deborah Shane at BlogHer Speakers Orientation on 8/2/12

Deborah, Jasmin, and I met during the Speakers’ Orientation and recorded a podcast preview of what we planned to share the day before our session. Click here to listen to the Cinchcast podcast.

BlogHer12 Podcasting 101 Panel: Deborah Shane, Ananda Leeke & Jasmin Singer
Photo Credit: Xina Eiland – http://twitter.com/xeiland

I opened the panel discussion with a brief introduction on podcasting that included a definition and reasons why people use podcasts and Internet radio shows.  See below.

1) Definition

Podcasting represents a type of digital media that allows you to create audio content, organize it into an episodic series of audio files that can be subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer, lap top, netbook, tablet,  or mobile device when it is convenient to the listener.

2) Key Podcasting Points

Podcasting is used to:

  • Generate conversations through storytelling, sharing information, and interviewing others.
  • Create, curate, and market content.
  • Advocate and promote causes and campaigns that promote social change, social good, social justice, and other issues.
  • Build and engage community.
  • Market and promote events, products, and services.
  • Develop thought leadership expertise and speaking skills.
  • Gather research and document best practices.

I asked the attendees several questions to determine their level of interest and skills. See below.

  • How many people host a podcast or radio show?
  • How many people want to launch a podcast or radio show?
  • How many people listen to podcasts or radio shows?

After the audience responded with a show of hands for each question, Deborah, Jasmin, and I shared how and why we started podcasting and hosting Internet radio shows. We also gave podcasting and Internet radio show tips and explained the benefits of podcasting and hosting Internet radio shows. Click on the links below to read my blog posts that feature podcasting tips and benefits and to view the Podcsting 101 Pinterest (lots of great resources).

Deborah gave a talk on branding and marketing podcasts and Internet radio shows.

Photo Credit: Sahaj Kohli

Many thanks to Sahaj Kohli for taking the photo above and tweeting it out during the session.

For more information about the panel’s comments, click here to read Arie Rich’s live blogging notes. She captured the essence of the panel! Thanks Arie! You ROCK!

Photo Credit: Ananda Leeke

Click here to listen to my Cinchcast interview about the Podcasting Panel 101 session her with Laura E., publisher of Fresh From My Desk blog.

Ananda and Podcasting 101 Panel attendee Laura E.
Podcasting 101 panel attendees

Check out the Podcasting 101 Twitterstream below to learn what other attendees said about the session.

Ananda Moderating Podcasting 101 Panel at BlogHer on August 3

Happy August!

Photo Credit: BlogHer

I am headed to the BlogHer Conference to moderate the Podcasting 101 Panel on August 3 from 1:15 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Hilton New York in New York City. My co-panelists are Deborah Shane and Jasmin Singer, two amazing women who rock the web with their Internet radio and podcasting skills. Click here for more details.

Podcasting 101 Digital Treats:

I’ll be live tweeting throughout the conference. Follow me on Twitter @digitalsisterhd and on Cinch.fm for audio blog updates and interviews with conference participants. I will also post a few photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Headed to #BlogHer12 as a Podcasting 101 Speaker in August

BlogHer Speaker Badge

Guess what?  I am so excited about BlogHer coming to New York City in August.  Why?  Because I get to speak about one of my digital loves — Podcasting 101 with several dynamic women on August 3 from 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm at the Hilton New York in NYC City. I am also excited that this year’s conference will mark my fourth BlogHer adventure! WOOO HOOO!