Digital Wellness Month Reflection: Slow Down + Practice Digital Wellness During Mercury Retrograde in May

Astrological retrogrades are all about self-discovery and lessons learned. They invite us to deeply connect with, reflect, and know ourselves from the inside out. They also give us an opportunity to dive deep inside of ourselves and explore how each planet in retrograde and the signs they are transiting impact us.

Mercury Retrograde is one of my favorite astrological retrogrades. It is connected to the fast-moving planet Mercury. Mercury’s energy impacts communication, technology, and travel. For me, Mercury Retrograde is an invitation to slow down, become present, and practice my birthright of mindfulness in how I think, communicate, and connect with myself and others. It happens three or four times each year. When it arrives, it hangs around for approximately three weeks.

A few years ago, I renamed my personal Mercury Retrograde to Mercury Upgrade because I began to appreciate its energy and the lessons I learned that opened my heart up to be more present, well, and the REAL ME. In short, Mercury Upgrade helps me embrace Thriving Mindfully in my life, relationships, and career.

During the early days of the global pandemic in 2020, I began observing and embracing Mercury’s shadow period which happens two weeks before and two weeks after the actual retrograde. I consider the pre and post-shadow periods as my VIP Mini Mercury Upgrades. That means I get approximately 7 whole weeks 3 to 4 times a year to practice mindful self-care as I review and recommit to thinking, communicating, connecting, and using technology in mindful, intentional, and healthy ways.

Last night, I led my Thriving Mindfully Academy’s monthly mindful self-care class that incorporated the May theme of “Strengthen Yourself,” Digital Wellness Month, and Mercury Upgrade (my name for Mercury Retrograde that starts May 10 and ends June 3) into breathing exercises, gentle movement, affirmations, mantra chanting, meditation, and mindful reflection and journaling.

The class gave the Thriving Mindfully Academy members an opportunity to check-in with themselves about:

■how they are using technology

■their struggles with technology (digital distraction, digital overload, social media comparison, digital time overdosing, and tension and tightness in the body)

■stress caused by their use of technology

■one step they can take to practice digital wellness during May and Mercury Retrograde

At the end of the class, I encouraged Thriving Mindfully Academy members to use our self-led Digital Wellness Month Challenge as invitation to take better care of themselves. I also shared my recent reflection on the number of years I have had 24/7/365 access to technology at home. It started in 1996. That means it’s been 26 years. I didn’t realize I needed to practice digital wellness until I experienced digital overload and burnout after publishing my self-love and yoga-inspired novel, Love’s Troubadours. My coach Yael Flusberg brought it to my attention during one of our conversations in 2008. That was a light bulb moment that shined light on making digital wellness a priority.

I am using Digital Wellness Month and Mercury Retrograde to release and forgive my social media comparison habits about my journey as an entrepreneur that have wreaked havoc on my nervous system. It’s a process (fo’ sure)! My mindful self-care practices of deep breathing, meditation, affirmations, tapping, reiki, and yoga are helping me take better care of my nervous system. I am also easing up on the amount of time I spend online and downsizing my social media with indefinite tech breaks on Facebook and Twitter.

How much time do you spend online?

Is your tech use causing stress?

Click here to join me for today’s Digital Wellness Month meditation at 5:30-5:45 PM ET

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Need to Press the Reset Button on Your 2020?

ResetButtonJanuary is almost over and I have a HUGE confession to make. I needed to press the reset button on 2020 last week. That’s right I had to start the year over again. Does that sound like you?

Here’s why I hit the reset button on 2020. I discovered I wasn’t living what I have been preaching in the way I manage my home. This year, I made a commitment to Thriving Mindfully in my home with more joy, beauty, organization, and less stuff. I committed to using many tips based on the Marie Kondo method. FYI: Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author.

I love Kondo’s approach to live with things you cherish and release those things you no longer want, need, and cherish. My struggle came with following through on my commitment. I procrastinated doing the work. So I enlisted the support of Meico, my brother, BFF, and accountability partner; Lauren, my BFF and Howard University School of Law classmate (affectionately known as the Black Martha Stewart); Wayne, my BFF and book editor; and Wayne’s amazing wife, Joy, my friend and home decor and lifestyle expert. Yep, I assembled a team of folks to help me overcome my struggles. Having a team made me more accountable and gave me tips, strength, support, and that extra nudge to get things done. They were also my cheerleaders and helped me celebrate my small, medium, and big steps


With my accountability team’s support, I was able to complete a large portion of my home beautification project over the weekend. Dig how I am using the phrase home beautification to describe my decluttering and cleaning efforts. I had to rename the process because the words decluttering and cleaning were too heavy. They made me resist the process. Using the phrase home beautification gave me more JOY and motivation to reset my 2020 button on my home. Check out photos of my new and improved living room above.


So what’s happening with you so far?

Do you need to restart 2020?

Is 2020 calling you to be more than you have ever been before?

Are you noticing a need to dive deep and explore who you are becoming in the new year?

Are you resisting what you need to be and do in order to be the REAL YOU?

Struggling with how you are showing up in your life, relationships, career, and/or business?

Well, let’s reset the 2020 button together and create space within ourselves to embrace Thriving Mindfully with self-care.


Start with the Thriving Mindfully Podcast about the meaning of Thriving Mindfully as a heart-centered approach. Go here to listen to the episode.

Need more support?

Join me this week for the encore offerings of my mindful self-care online retreats for women on January 30th and all people on January 31st. The online retreats offer you an opportunity to take a deep dive into who you were in 2019, who you want to be in 2020, and how you can use mindful self-care practices to support yourself throughout the year.

During the online retreats, you will:

  • Breath deeply and meditate
  • Practice affirmations and gentle chair yoga
  • Learn about mindfulness and mindful self-care
  • Reflect on and journal about who YOU have become
  • Explore how you have loved, valued, and honored yourself
  • Find out who or what’s been getting in your way
  • Release and practice forgiveness
  • Dive deep and discover the YOU that you want to be in 2020
  • Set intentions and identify the resources, action steps, and accountability support you need to manifest the person you want to be in 2020
  • Write a love letter to yourself about who you want to be in 2020
  • Create a self-celebration plan to appreciate your small, medium, and big wins in 2020

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One of the best ways I have been able to practice self-care over the past two decades is through marrying my mindfulness practice with my practice of honoring the new and full moons and the astrological wisdom that supports each moon cycle. I call it being MOONFUL.

Being MOONFUL has helped me strengthen my relationship with myself and others. It has also helped me become more intuitive, intentional, focused, and open-hearted. All of these efforts have led me to the process of MOONIFESTING, the act of manifesting my heart’s desires in my life, career, and relationships with the support of the power and presence of the new and full moons. Last year, I launched the Thriving Mindfully Moon Circles to share what I have learned with folx in DC and online.


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