Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Guess where I am going in a few weeks?

BlogHer 13, the world’s largest women’s blogging conference.


My focus for this year’s conference is to learn about lifestyle blogging and branding so  I can improve my Ananda@16thand U: Lifestylista in Love with DC blog and expand my new media business and the Digital Sisterhood Network. To that end, I am planning to attend the Style Mini-Conference track on July 26 (right after I complete my talk on social media leadership). Check out the Style Mini-Conference session descriptions below. They feature some of my favorite bloggers and virtual mentors like “Afrobella” Patrice Yursik, Christina Brown, and Stacy Morrison.

Photo Credit: Afrobella.com
Photo Credit: Afrobella.com
Photo Credit: Afrobella.com
Photo Credit: Afrobella.com
Photo Credit: Lpvebrownsugar.com
Photo Credit: Lpvebrownsugar.com
Photo Credit: Stacy Morrison
Photo Credit: Stacy Morrison
  • The List (and how to get on it): If there is one question we hear from bloggers covering this image- and access-conscious industry, it’s “How do I get on *the* list?”. We’re bringing publishing, PR and brand perspectives to the table to give you an inside look at how it works. BlogHer editor-in-chief (and longtime women’s magazine leader) Stacy Morrison moderates the insightful advice from Adrianna Guilliani from Devries Public Relations, Cristy Turner from Digital Brand Architects, and Genevieve Ascencio from Factory PR.
Photo Credit: JusticeFergie.com
Photo Credit: JusticeFergie.com

Before I attend the Style Mini Conference sessions, I plan to participate in “Justice Fergie” Stacey Ferguson’s Summer Brand-O-Rama, a FREE four-week email workshop that will provide critical tips on how to cultivate brand partnerships that begins on July 5. Click here to sign up.  My goal is to learn how to build brand partnerships that support my blogs and the Digital Sisterhood Network.

Stacey Ferguson a/k/a Justice Fergie and Ananda at BlogHer 12 Brunchalicious Event - Photo Credit ' BlogHer.com
Stacey Ferguson a/k/a Justice Fergie and Ananda at BlogHer 12 Brunchalicious Event – Photo Credit ‘ BlogHer.com

Stacey is the queen of branding and empire building in my book! She is one of my virtual and IRL “Empirista” mentors.


If you are planning to attend BlogHer 13, check out the questions below.

  • What are your top three to five conference goals?
  • What sessions are you planning to attend? And why?
  • What are you doing to prepare for BlogHer 13?

PS: I will be speaking about social media leadership on July 26 (10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.) and July 27 (11:30 a.m. – 12 noon), and co-hosting the Multi-Culti party on July 26 with two amazing digital sisters, Pauline Campos and Dwana De La Cerna. I hope you will be able to join us at the conference and the Multi-Culti party. Click here to register.

Ananda & Xina Eiland’s Digital Sisterhood & Moderator Roles During Blogalicious 2010’s Open Mic Lunch on October 8, 2010

Me and Xina Eiland moderating open-mic luncheon session @Blogalicious 2010 - Photo Credit: NYCityMama Carol Cain
Xina, Justice Ny, Justice Fergie, Justice Jonesie (Justices are co-founders of Blogalicious), and me @Blogalicious 2010 - Photo Credit: NYCityMama Carol Cain


Last year Xina Eiland and I met during the Blogalicious 2009 opening night reception in Atlanta. While sipping cocktails and recording video interviews, we learned we were both born in Michigan and currently reside in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Throughout the conference, we reconnected with each other and other women like“WhimsiGal,” founder of Whimsicard, LLC from the DC area.  When we returned home, we used social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay in touch. We also discussed our Blogalicious experiences on my TalkShow.com program called Sisterhood the Blog Radio.

And then it happened. We reached out by telephone and agreed to meet in person. Our first meeting occurred on a Sunday afternoon at the U Street Café in DC.  Xina, “WhimsiGal,” and I sat at a table for a few hours discussing our lives, 2010 goals, ways we could support each other,  and ideas for a local Blogalicious meet up.  That one conversation paved the way for our Blogalicious DC community building efforts.

Together, we were able to help Blogalicious founders Stacey Ferguson, Nadia Jones, and Nyasha Smith organize two meet ups in February and April for DC area women.  Xina played a major role in securing space and media coverage, promoting the events on Facebook and Twitter, identifying speakers and sponsors, developing the agenda, and obtaining in-kind donations for both events.  I served as panel moderator for the April meet up.

In addition to supporting the Blogalicious DC community, we also made a professional commitment to support each other and our 2010 business goals.  We launched our commitment with a face-to-face breakfast meeting at Busboys and Poets, a popular DC hangout,  on January 2.  Seated on comfy chairs with herbal tea and delicious breakfast items to keep us company, we shared our expertise.  Xina became my public relations coach and convinced me to follow her instructions on how to better package myself, books, art, yoga practice, and coaching services.  I became her creativity coach and helped her develop a social media plan to support her intention to blog and learn more about social media tools. Since then, we have met monthly to assess our progress and seek feedback.  We also attended several DC social media meet ups, participated in the Blogging While Brown’s White House Visit and weekend conference, hung out at the Red Pump Project and Blogalicious’ Say RED: Cocktails and Conversations event, and live blogged with the Blogalicious DC B-Link members during President Obama’s education reform speech at the National Urban League’s Centennial Conference.

What a year we are having! And it’s not even over yet!  I think the greatest blessing has come from the way we constantly encourage each other to step up our game and pursue new opportunities.  We also share information, insights, and introductions to people in our network that can support our efforts.  We laugh, learn, and listen to each other when we achieve and struggle.  Our Blogalicious bond has created a digital sisterhood that exists in real time!

Digital sisterhood is one of the many gifts you will receive when you attend a Blogalicious conference or event.  It’s contagious. Some say it’s magical.  And it happens without you even knowing it.  That’s the beauty of Blogalicious.  Through the celebration of Blogalicious’ diversity, women own who they are through the content, connections, communities, and commerce they create as they share experiences, insights, opinions, humor, creativity, expertise, and information.  Our Blogalicious digital sisterhood lays the foundation for building local digital sisterhood communities.

Xina and I were initially scheduled to host a community dinner discussion on digital sisterhood at Blogalicious 2010.  There was a change of events that opened the door to an even greater blessing.  I love how the universe works. It always gets better. So here’s what happened! The Blogalicious founders Justices Ny, Fergie, and Jonesie offered us an opportunity to moderate the open-mic luncheon sponsored by McDonalds on October 8.  What an honor!

Xina and I had an amazing time moderating the soulful discussion.  We witnessed the power of digital sisterhood in the stories told by women who were Blogalicious newbies and alumni.  They opened their hearts and spoke with such passion, clarity, candor, and humor.  It was a beautiful experience filled with wisdom, laughter, lessons learned, and a plethora of blogging experiences that revealed how women discovered their authentic selves online and offline.  Check out the photos taken by NYCityMama Carol Cain below.  FYI – Carol is the official Blogalicious photographer. She did an amazing job documenting Blogalicious 2009 and 2010! Thanks Carol for your gift of digital sisterhood photography and love!

Xina and Ananda moderating the open-mic luncheon @Blogalicious 2010 - Photo Credit: Carol Cain
Open mic luncheon buffet - Photo Credit: Carol Cain
Blogalicious attendees at open-mic luncheon - Photo Credit: Carol Cain
Miss Lori sharing her blogging story @ open-mic luncheon - Photo Credit: Carol Cain
Professor Diva sharing her blogging story at open-mic luncheon - Photo Credit: Carol Cain

Luvvie sharing her blogging story @open-mic luncheon - Photo Credit: Carol Cain

Takeyah Young sharing her blogging story @ open-mic luncheon – Photo Credit: Carol Cain

Ananda’s social media adventures at Blogalicious DC Meet Up on April 27

Ananda moderating Women in Social Media panel

I had the pleasure of serving as moderator for the Women in Social Media: Creating Your Digital Footprint panel at the Blogalicious DC Meet Up held on April 27 at the Washington, DC Economic Partnership. The following dynamic women served on the panel:

I was able to capture the amazing panelists, Blogalicious co-founders Nyasha Smith and Stacy Ferguson, DC Meet Up organizer/PR professional Xina Eiland,and Niambi Jarvis, Director of the Office on Women’s Policy & Initiatives, in action with my Creative Vado video camera. Check out the videos below.


1) Definition of Social Media – Part One by Rhea Brown, Terri Holley, and Michele McGraw

2) Definition of Social Media – Part Two by Rhea Brown, Terri Holley, and Michele McGraw

3) Meaning of Digital Footprint by Terri Holley

4) Blogalicious co-founders Nyasha Smith and Stacey Ferguson

5) DC Meet Up organizer/PR professional Xina Eiland

6) Niambi Jarvis, Director of the Office on Women’s Policy & Initiatives

Check out several photos from the Meet Up below (photo credit: Blogalicious co-founders Nyasha Smith and Stacey Ferguson). Click here to see more photos.

Blogalicious DC Meet Up Panelists

Blogalicious is planning additional meet ups and a party at the BlogHer conference in August.  Be sure to check out these events and webinars (recordings available).

Are you going to register for Blogalicious 2010 in Miami? I am!

Are you going to BlogHer? I am!