Happy Creativity Thursday – Celebrating the Artwork of Tanekeya Word

Photo Credit: www.tanekeyaword.com
Photo Credit: http://www.tanekeyaword.com
Photo Credit: http://www.vogue.it/en/magazine/daily-news/2012/09/milan-fashion-week
Photo Credit: http://www.vogue.it/en/magazine/daily-news/2012/09/milan-fashion-week

Happy Creativity Thursday! Happy First Day of New York Fashion Week too!

Today, I am celebrating the power of art and fashion by featuring Tanekeya Word, one of my favorite artists who has created artwork and a personal brand that celebrate fashion, popular culture, and her life experiences. She is also a fellow Howardite (Howard University, Class of 2006). I discovered her amazing artwork and purchased several prints in 2008. Word defines herself as a Hybrid Chic Afrofuturist Visual Artist. Currently, she serves as the managing editor, creative & art director, and literature & culture editor of neonV,  a biannual magazine for the contemporary peculiar woman that provides a compelling storyline of traditional and innovative content by exposing the cultural and subcultural continuums in fashion, art, beauty, and travel. Click here to learn more about Word and her incredibly stunning work.

Tanekeya Word's self portrait painting - Photo Credit: www.tanekeyaword.com
Tanekeya Word’s self portrait painting – Photo Credit: http://www.tanekeyaword.com

Here’s one of my favorite pieces of her work. It’s called “Issa Rae. Awkward Black Girl. Comedic Genius.” It represents Issa Rae, screen writer, actress, producer, and founder of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl webisode series.

Photo Credit: www.tanekeyaword.com
Photo Credit: http://www.tanekeyaword.com

Happy Creativity Thursday!

Photo Credit: www.aspire.tv/exhale
Photo Credit: http://www.aspire.tv/exhale

Happy Creativity Thursday!

Today, I am excited about Exhale, a provocative new talk series about African American women on ASPiRE TV that features five of my favorite creative women: Angela Burt-Murray, Comedian Erin Jackson, Issa Rae, Malinda Williams, and Rene Syler. Thank goodness these ladies have been blessed with the gift of gab. Their candid discussions will offer intergenerational commentary on a wide range of topics including family, relationships, money, faith and everything that African American women are talking about. I know the show will influence, inform, and inspire me and my sistalove friends! That’s one of the reasons I am so excited about it!!!! So watch it tonight at 8:00 p.m.

Photo Credit: www.aspire.tv/exhale
Photo Credit: http://www.aspire.tv/exhale


I AM EXCITED because I am hungry … no starving is a better word. I am starving for positive television programming that features women who look like me and share my interests and concerns.

I AM EXCITED about hearing from Angela Burt-Murray, founder of CocoaFab TV and former Essence editor-in-chief. I miss Angela’s voice. When she was at Essence, I enjoyed reading her letter to the reader each month. Her interviews and articles always informed and inspired me. I need Angela to inform and inspire me each week!

I AM EXCITED about Malinda Williams because she stole my heart when she played the character Bird on the wildly successful Soul Food television series on Showtime years ago. I also adore her down-to-earth personality, passion, and style! I need Malinda to remind me to stay grounded and focused on my passion as I live life with style!

I AM EXCITED about Rene Syler because she speaks her mind and writes with a soulful honesty that makes me say “AMEN.” The first time I learned about Rene was at the Blogalicious Weekend Conference in 2011. She was a luncheon keynote speaker who shared so passionately from her life. I left Blogalicious as a Rene Syler fan. I need to witness Rene’s passionate honesty and humor each week!

Ananda Leeke and Issa Rae at  2012 Minority Media & Telecom Council's 10th Annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference
Ananda Leeke and Issa Rae at 2012 Minority Media & Telecom Council’s 10th Annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference

I AM EXCITED about Issa Rae because she is incredibly gifted as a digital entrepreneur, writer, director, producer, and actress. I fell madly in love with Issa’s webisode series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl a few years ago. Since then, I have followed her online and watched all of the programs she has created and produced. Last year, I met and heard her speak at the Minority Media & Telecom Council’s 10th Annual Access to Capital and Telecommunications Policy Conference. I need to receive a weekly dose of Issa’s creative energy dipped in authentic and awkward humor.

I AM EXCITED about Erin Jackson because she is dangerously funny. I discovered her humor and wit when ASPiRE TV starting promoting Exhale several months ago. She reminds me to laugh and not take myself so seriously. I love her crazy sense of humor. I need to catch Erin’s laughter train on a weekly basis!

Photo Credit: www.aspire.tv/exhale Photo features Exhale hosts and actress Vanessa Bell Calloway
Photo Credit: http://www.aspire.tv/exhale
Photo features Exhale hosts and actress Vanessa Bell Calloway

Creativity Thursday Request

My excitement is so great that I want to see these ladies succeed beyond their wildest imaginations. So I am using my blog and social media platforms to encourage others to watch and support the show. With that said, please take some time to give these five Exhale ladies some social love! Encourage your social network of family, friends, and fans to do the same.

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday – Woman-Centered and Created Webisodes & Web Stations – 3/12

RoomieLoverFriends webisode created by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier
RoomieLoverFriends webisode created by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!


Last year, I fell in love with Black & Sexy TV’s Roomieloverfriends webisode series created by Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch. Issa Rae is serving as the executive producer. The actors are Shayla Hale and Andra Fuller.

Roomieloverfriends photo of characters Tomiko and Jay
Roomieloverfriends photo of characters Tomiko and Jay

Roomieloverfriends tells the story of two roommates, Tomiko, a twentysomething woman, and Jay, a twentysomething man. They end up sleeping together which complicates their relationship and dating experiences. The storylines are Love Jones juicy! Click here to watch Season One.

FYI: The Black & Sexy TV team used indiegogo as a crowdfunding tool to raise money over $16,000 to develop Season Two.

I am also a HUGE fan of web-based programming created by and about women. Since it’s National Women’s History Month, I have included a list of some of my favorite webisodes, web-based programs, and web destinations/stations. Please share your favorites in the comment section below.

My Favorites (not all are mentioned)

  • Afro City TV webisode series by Rhonda Ray and Lobace Stoll
  • AHSHE webisode series (season 1 and 2 — won the 2012 LA Web Festival’s award for Outstanding Achievement in the Soap Opera Category) by Toni Odom (my Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority sister!!!!)
  • Bestsellers dramedy webisode series by Susan Miller (series completed)
  • Between Women dramedy webisode series by Michelle A. Daniel (season 1 completed and catch season 2 beginning March 12)
  • Blind Date comedy webisode series by Melanie Hamilton (series completed)Celeste Bright drama webisode series by Sonya Steele (series completed)
  • Chic Rebellion TV (web TV network that develops, produces, distributes and syndicates original web series programming for women of color) by Elayne Fluker
  • Digital Chick TV (web community created to connect women to online programming that also provides original programming and information on the women within the digital industry) by Daryn Strauss
  • Downsized comedy webisode series (season 1 and 2 completed) by Daryn Strauss
  • Downtown Girls comedy webisode series by Emebeit Beyene, Crystal Boyd, Chivonne Michelle and Chandra Russell (visit the web site too! — currently showing new episodes and using indiegogo to raise funds)
  • Everything’s Coming Up Ro-ses comedy webisode series by Roetta Collins 
  • Friday Girl TV (web station) by Ashia Sims and Sabrina Harvey
  • Good People in Love drama webisode series by Tina Cesa Ward (series completed)
  • HELLO CUPID comedy webisode series by Ashley Blaine Featherson and Lena Waithe (currently airs new episodes on Black & Sexy TV)
  • Jenifer Lewis and Shangela comedy webisode series produced by Jenifer Lewis with The Collaboration Factory
  • Kindred drama webisode series by Jessica Hartley, Maureen Aladin, and Ella Turenne (series completed)
  • milk & honey drama webisode series by Dana Gills, Asha Kamali
    May and Jeanette McDuffie (series completed)
  • Mingle Media TV, an indie interactive entertainment network by Stephanie Piche (The network broadcasts celebrity interviews and reviews, lifestyle and indie live stream, produced and scripted web TV series entertainment programming.)
  • The Couple comedy webisode series (season 1 completed and season 2 just started again) by Jeanine Daniels, Dennis Dortch, and Numa Perrier of Black & Sexy TV
  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl comedy webisode series (season 1 and 2 completed) by Issa Rae
  • The Power Object comedy webisode series by Claire-Dee Lim (series completed)
  • The Real Girls Guide to Everything Else comedy webisode series by Carmen Elena Mitchell (season 1 completed — Check out the blog too! In 2010, the series won the Audience Choice Award from the HollyShorts Film Festival and actress Robin Dalea was also recognized at the L.A. Web Festival as the best lead actress in a comedy.)
  • The Slutty Years comedy webisode series by Amy Aniobi (currently airs new episodes)
  • Tickles TV (web destination/station with original programming) by Haj (my favorite is a series of videos featuring Funnel Cake Flowers, the Urban Chameleon news reporter)
  • Unwritten Rules comedy webisode series by Kim Williams (season 1 complete and gearing up for season 2)
  • WIGS YouTube Channel (original series, short films, and documentaries starring female leads and often written by women; One of my favorite series, BLUE with actress Julia Stiles begins its second season with 26 episodes on March 15)

Thanks for stopping by!