#InternetGeek Tuesday: #InternetGeekat50 Lesson 6 #SocialCivics

Happy #InternetGeek Tuesday!

#SocialCivics is #InternetGeekat50 Lesson 6. For me, #SocialCivics occurs when people use their digital presence:

1) To express their digital citizenship support of causes, campaigns, and initiatives they are passionate about.

2) To engage with their local, state, and national governments, community organizations, social service agencies, and other stakeholders.

Today, I used my digital presence to promote, support, and engage in conversations about Equal Pay Day. Most of the conversations I had happened on Facebook and Instagram, the places you are most likely to find traces of my digital footprint on a weekly basis. Here are some of the images I shared.






My heart jumped with joy as I saw so many related images being shared today. It reminded how powerful we are when we choose #SocialCivics as a daily practice.

What does #SocialCivics mean to you?

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!


Happy Internet Geek Tuesday!

Today, I am remembering the musical discoveries I made while connecting with other music lovers on Myspace in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Yes I said Myspace. I know saying that word is very retro in the social networking world, but I had to say it.

Photo Credit: Ayanna Gregory
Photo Credit: Ayanna Gregory


I miss being on Myspace and learning about amazing indie artists like Ayanna Gregory, a soulful vocalist, songwriter, educator,  and activist, She is also the daughter of Dick Gregory, a comedian, vegetarian, Civil Rights activist, and nutritional consultant.  I used to visit Gregory’s Myspace page to stay updated on her musical career and Beautiful Flower CD concerts. Nowadays, I use Facebook to stay updated.


I would also check out her growing list of friends to see if I could find other indie artists. Most times, I would find several I liked and end up buying their CDs on CDBaby.com (the web site where many indie artists sell their music).


If you had a Myspace account, check out the questions below. Feel free to respond to them in the comment section. If you still use Myspace, please post your page’s link. I’ll visit it in the coming days.

When did you join Myspace?

I joined in 2006.

What made you join?

My cousin and stylist Sharon Malachi told me Myspace was a great way to stay updated about the indie music artists we loved listening to and seeing perform. I also used Myspace to promote and market my debut novel, Love’s Troubadours – Karma: Book One.

What were your favorite Myspace sites to visit?

I loved visiting the sites of Ayanna Gregory, Eric Roberson, Kenny Dust, and HKB FiNNTim’m West, and Fertile Ground.

Did you leave Myspace? When and why?

I stopped using it in 2009 because my community and most of the indie artists I liked moved to Facebook and Twitter. So I followed them.

What social networking sites do you currently participate in?

I am on most of the social networking sites: Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.

What are your favorite social networking sites?

I love Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.