Ananda’s Digital Sisterhood Book Fundraiser Raises $425 with support from 15 donors

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Happy Monday All!

Great news!  To date, 15 generous supporters helped me raise $425 for my Digital Sisterhood book fundraiser on  I am filled with deep gratitude for their generosity and your support for sharing my fundraiser with your network via Twitter, Facebook, email, and other social media sites.

FYI – You can still make a donation to my fundraiser by clicking here.  Once I meet my $500 goal, I will continue raising money until the June 28th deadline.  The additional money raised after the $500 goal will be used to cover some or all of the graphic art and photography expenses.

Enjoy your day and week!



Support Ananda’s Digital Sisterhood Part 2 Kickstarter Book Fundraiser Goal of $500 by June 28

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It’s Digital Sisterhood Wednesday! What a great day for the launch of Digital Sisterhood Network’s second book fundraiser.  The fundraiser supports the publication of my next book Digital Sisterhood, a memoir.  The goal is $500 by June 28.

As many of you know, my first fundraiser (September-December 2010) was extremely successful. With the support of 39 backers, I successfully raised $1,159 online and an additional $70 offline. The grand total was $1,229.

I have $371 to raise in order to meet my long-term goal of $1,600. That’s why I have returned to Kickstarter with Digital Sisterhood – Part 2. Our $500 fundraising goal will cover the balance of the iUniverse, Inc.  self-publishing, mailing, and photography expenses.

Click here to listen to my audio blog about the fundraiser.

Click here to learn more about the fundraiser and make a donation.

Many thanks for your support!

PS: Please spread the word about the Digital Sisterhood Part 2 Kickstarter Book Fundraiser.  Please use this link: