Ananda Discusses Environmental Justice Art with Fine Artist Milton Bowens on Go Green Sangha Radio’s July 12th Episode

first union

The First Union by Fine Artist Milton Bowens



Fine Artist Milton Bowens –



Happy Friday!

I am getting ready for a juicy conversation on environmental justice art with my dear brothalove friend Milton Bowens, an Artist-in-Residency at the Richmond Health Center (Richmond, CA), on Go Green Sangha Radio’s July 12th episode at 7:00pm EST (4pm PAC).   Milton will talk about the work he is doing with students at the Richmond Health Center and his new collection of artwork, “Welcome To My Global Hood.”  Click here to listen to the show:

To learn more about Milton and his amazing artwork (yes I am a fan!), visit  Also, watch Milton’s YouTube video about his artwork:

One more thing … Check out Milton’s artist statement for his new body of work, “Welcome to My Global Hood.”  See below.  It’s incredible!  I love how Milton uses the word “eye” instead of “I.”  

Enjoy your day and weekend!

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“Welcome To My Global Hood” – What is Environmental Justice? by Milton Bowens, Arts Change – Artist in Residency 2009, Richmond, CA

What is environmental justice? What is fine Art? How do these two things work together to empower, youth, community and the world abroad? Eye believe fine art is a singular construct made because it must be made, not just to fill a need in any particular market. Eye also, believe environmental justice is not just a slogan or metaphor but a right to ensure that the next generation inherits a healthy planet.
In response to the rapidly changing global crises, eye thought it was long overdue to address some of the more urgent issues from a fine artistic urban perspective. After posing the question “What threatens your environment”, to a group of more than fifteen inner-city children of varied backgrounds, ages and cultures from Richmond, CA and surrounding communities, eye received the same answer. Violence!
Not at all shocked by the response, eye understood that if eye started to talk about global warming and the dangers it presents, and how art could help change the way we see it, eye would be talking at and not with this young audience. So instead eye listened, with the goal of mapping out a visual story line that would ultimately become a blueprint for urban environmental artist activism.

Before these youth could truly become motivated and excited about creating Art and being a part of a global movement towards environmental change, like starvation and disease in Africa or protecting the Rain Forest, Polar Bears and Ice caps, we must first deal with the issues they face at home. I used Art as the tool to not only spark creativity and conversation but to help the Individual making the Art deal with his or her own individual fears. Art Heals.

Art and Social Change is a funny thing….once you’ve done it you can’t take it back. By reflecting on when you started, how you thought, how you felt and then the process of just how much you can grow and evolve in a short span of time, does something to the Artistic creator. It gives that Individual a sense of value that plays an important role in building ones self-esteem. It gives a voice.

When my students saw firsthand, that gang violence in Richmond, CA is no different than the violence in the Middle East or poor drinking water in the Bay isn’t any different than that abroad, or how the severity of today’s natural disasters are not unique to just this country, the light came on. Once that happens in a young person’s mind, it’s hard, if at all possible to turn it off.

They began to realize they are a part of a global community. This becomes the opportunity, the bridge that promises insight from a very different perspective, which ultimately leads to a uniquely thought out and timely body of work.
The goal for this body of work is to re-ignite the fire in the activism doldrums, visually doing away with that “we’ve heard it all before” attitude and to refocus artist, art collectors, art patrons and exhibition spaces on the power of art and its ability to spark change! And bring about real tangible action and not just talk, simply by being the visual witness.

Eye, extend a Heart-felt, sincere invitation to all viewers to take a little time and stroll with me through My Global Hood. Eye, welcome you! Then ask yourself the question can you see what Eye see?

Milton 510 Bowens