Women’s History Month: Black Women Artists Ananda Leeke & Tonya “Adejoke” Butler-Truesdale Discuss Their Creative Journeys in Their 50s

Check out the conversation I had with my soul sistalove and fellow artist Tonya “Adejoke” Butler-Truesdale’s about our creative expression and journey in our 50s.


Join Tonya and I for a Women’s History Month conversation about our creative journey and work as African American artists and entrepreneurs with Zawadi Arts founder Irene Whalen, on March 25, 2023, at 3-6 PM at Zawadi, 1524 U Street, NW in DC.

We will have our work available for sale: Tonya’s amazing cards and my ancestral wire sculptures and three powerful books: Love’s Troubadours, a self-love and yoga-inspired novel; That Which Awakens Me, a mindful creativity memoir; and Digital Sisterhood, a mindful technology memoir.

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Ananda Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke is a self-taught mixed media artist, poet, author, coach, Human Design Doula, yoga + meditation teacher, reiki + sound healing practitioner, and digital wellness educator. Ananda turned to the healing arts for emotional support when her career as a lawyer, an investment banker, and a digital communications professional stressed her out, caused burnout, and did not produce the level of success she expected. During her healing journey, she used journaling, poetry, and art-making to bring calm and ease to her spirit, heart, mind, and body. Ananda has written three mindfulness books: Love’s Troubadours, a self-love and yoga-inspired novel; That Which Awakens Me, a mindful creativity memoir; and Digital Sisterhood, a mindful technology memoir. Her books are available on Amazon: https://anandaleeke.com/books and https://www.amazon.com/author/anandaleeke. To learn more about Ananda, visit https://anandaleeke.com/art and follow @blackwombmoonartist on Instagram.

Tonya Butler-Truesdale, Esq. (aka Adejoke) is the founder of Adejoke Speaks, an emerging “Art for All” ministry. Adejoke is also a single mother, daughter, ordained minister, Isese onifa, and a municipal government attorney. She is a curator of all things in nature that are colorful and fragrant. Her love for botanical life and color inspired and charged her to expand her son’s personal care product business to include one-of-a-kind, artisan greeting cards, and jewelry. Her mission is founded upon the belief that thoughtfully crafted paper sentiments and gifts heal both the giver and the recipient. Her goal is to provide sensual, tactile experiences accessible to all income levels. Her choice of color and composition is driven by the aesthetic celebration of elements incompatible with mass production yet rich with spiritual, scientific, mathematical, and historical symbols steeped in the personification of marginalized cultures (think: masculine themes in pink, women surrounded by numbers, African graphics in muted color schemes). A belief that toxic thought patterns can be erased by beauty and kindness buttresses each theme and choice in her work. Your purchases also support her goal to celebrate esteemed community elders with elaborate care packages in recognition of their work and sacrifices for marginalized communities. Adejoke Speaks can be found at her favorite retailers, and comments may be left at https://www.silkysoftsmoothsheabutter.com or GoTonyaGo@gmail.com.

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