Being S.O.F.T. & Vulnerability

What happens inside of yourself — your body and mind when you think about being VULNERABLE?

Do you shy away from being VULNERABLE with yourself because society, family, friends, colleagues, mentors, etc. tell you it is a sign of WEAKNESS?

This morning I wrote about my vulnerability journey and what’s gotten in my way of being S.O.F.T. and VULNERABLE with myself. Watch the video below to hear what I wrote and felt about being vulnerable.

FYI: S.O.F.T. is a mindfulness tool I created and use in my own self-care practice and work with clients, companies, organizations, and communities. S.O.F.T. means SLOW down and OFFER yourself FREEDOM TODAY.

Join me for the S.O.F.T. As Fuck Fall Circle on September 22 at 8-9 PM ET, September 28 at 8-9 PM ET OR October 1 at 2-3 PM. 


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