Dealing with Mind Drama Ain’t Easy!

Dealing with mind drama ain’t easy, especially when it happens first thing in the morning. My mind drama comes from the pressure I put on myself to overachieve and thoughts and feelings of unworthiness caused by comparison, self-criticism, and self-judgment.

I have learned to embrace mind drama as an invitation to soften my gaze and heart towards myself. I use 5 softeners as my self-care vitamins: loving kindness. compassion, nonjudgment, patience, and forgiveness. They turn the volume down on the mind drama and help me create a safe space in my mind and heart to connect with the TRUTH of who I am. They also help me begin releasing and forgiving the comparison self-criticism, and self -judgment. Watch the video above learn more.

How do you manage your mind drama?

Ready to learn how to manage your mind drama with my coaching support in a safe community?

Ready to be inspired and in-powered to show up as the REAL YOU in your life, relationships, and career?

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