Vulnerability and Self-Love: Lean Into Them By Signing Up for Self-Love Challenge on March 21-25!

Hey there!

I used to hate asking for and receiving help because it made me VULNERABLE. I thought being VULNERABLE was scary because it made me weak. I wanted to protect myself so I kept trying to handle everything on my own. Eventually, I burned out and needed help, but resisted receiving it. I even fought it at times. Once I got back on my feet, I returned to acting the same way until I burned out again. I repeated this cycle several times because I was too proud to ask for and receive help.

Choosing to not ask for and receive help kept me stuck and on a continuous rollercoaster ride of burnout. My choice and pride caused me to miss out on many opportunities and experiences.

It took me a long time to realize that asking for and receiving help was one of the best self-love action steps I could take to be present, well, and the REAL ME. 

Watch the video below and find out what I had to say about the connection between being VULNERABLE and Self-Love.

As your Thriving Mindfully Coach, I am here to make sure you get the help you need to love and care for yourself. I am here to hold space in a safe community so you can feel comfortable being vulnerable. I am here to help you be present, well, and the REAL YOU. Why? Because you deserve it all and more!

Join me for the Thriving Mindfully Academy’s Self-Love Challenge: 5 Ways to Thrive in Springtime on March 21-25. SIGN UP HERE

Love, Joy, Blessings & Gratitude,


PS: On March 15th at 8 PM ET, I am hosting a Women’s History IL Live Celebration of Meditation, Poetry, and Reflection featuring two of my soul sistalove poets Kejo Buchanan of Toronto, Canada, and Jenee Darden of Oakland, California. Join us on my Instagram Live:

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