IG Live Conversation with My Biz, Creativity & Life Coach Marilyn Fontaine on Sept 17th at 8 AM ET

I am super excited to have my amazing life, creativity, and business coach, Marilyn Fontaine, join me for the Thriving Mindfully Community’s Summer of Self-Care IG Live Series on September 17th at 8 AM ET (DC) and 1 PM BST (LONDON): www.instagram.com/anandaleeke

Join me and Marilyn for a conversation about the importance of transforming your life and business through coaching, creativity, and self-care. We’ll talk about Marilyn’s powerful approach to coaching and how she has helped women entrepreneurs like myself to experience transformation in our lives and businesses. 

PS: I met Marilyn on Myspace in 2005 or 2006. We were able to support each other as artists and healers for many years. In 2014, I traveled to celebrate my 50th born day and had an opportunity to eat dinner, hang out, and take a yoga class led by Rosemarie St. Louis with her. Since then, I have watched how her life, art, and coaching business has grown and blessed so many. Earlier this year, I struggled with taking my life, creativity, and business to the next level. Marilyn is helping me with her coaching support and wisdom to grow and glow.

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