Are you struggling with self-care and missing joy in your life, relationships & career?

Hey Groovy Friend!

Opening my heart to JOY isn’t always beautiful or easy.

CONFESSION: I have struggled with and stressed myself out with finding JOY in my life, relationships, and career because of my TYPE A overachieving mindset that makes JOY into a massive big ASS deal.

Last year I stressed myself out, tripped, and fell into what I call the SUPERSIZE JOY HOLE and couldn’t get out using my old JOY definition and expectations. So I spent last spring, summer, and fall opening my heart and redefining JOY by looking closely with curiosity at how it was showing up in my COVID-19 pandemic life. It wasn’t always easy or beautiful. It made me show up VULNERABLE which isn’t a favorite state of being for my recovering Type A control freak/overachiever and inner critic archetypes.

Through it all, I learned how powerful it is to release the mindset and habit of supersizing JOY. To be honest, I am still releasing them. It’s a process! That’s why I created the Thriving Mindfully Community’s Summer of Self-Care, a three-month celebration that encourages and me and YOU to reclaim our birthright of JOY as a mindful self-care practice.

Stressed out or struggling with JOY and self-care?

Need help with reclaiming and redefining JOY in your life, relationships, and career?

Go here to claim your complimentary Thriving Mindfully Community membership. Once you become a Thriving Mindfully Community member, go to the Events tab and RSVP for the next Mini Master Class: 3 Way to Stress Less, Embrace Joy, and Make This Your Summer of Self-Care on Friday, July 2nd at 8-8:30 AM.

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