Celebrating My 32nd Howard University School of Law Graduation Anniversary Today: Special Poem Dedicated to HUSL Class of 1989

Happy 32nd Anniversary to the Howard University School of Law (HUSL), Class of 1989! My HUSL  classmates are AMAZING people! Today we celebrate every journey we have taken in our lives and careers since we received our J.D. degrees on May 13, 1989. I am tremendously blessed because of them all. I am grateful we shared three intense and transformative years together.

Today we also celebrate and remember our classmates who have made their life transition. They include Lauren, Van, Arnie, Lynette, Vincent, Guy, and others (forgive me if I left out any names). I decided to celebrate us all by wearing my Howard University alumni sweatshirt and creating a video with my poem, “Howard University Graduation.” The video gives a special shout out to Lauren, our third year class president and one of my dearest soul sistaloves who made her transition on April 1st as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In previous years, I would call or text Lauren to say, Happy HU Law Anniversary. I couldn’t do that today. So I honored Lauren’s memory and my classmates with this post.

My poem, “Howard University Graduation” also celebrates my brother Matt who graduated from Howard University School of Communications. In the photo below, he is with our parents, John and Theresa Leeke. The poem is published in my mindful creativity memoir, That Which Awakens Me (available on Amazon).

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  1. A wonderful poem that gives tributes to your classmates, the families, friends, professors and all those who made a contribution to your education.

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