Join Thriving Mindfully Community and Learn How You Can Celebrate Digital Wellness Day on May 7th & Digital Wellness Month

Over the years, technology has become our BFF and made life and work easier. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries have limited human gathering and interactions. As a result of social distancing and lockdowns, people and organizations have increased their reliance on and use of technology as they live, study, work, and shop from home.

Many people are glued to their digital devices (smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, and wearable tech including smart watches, wristbands, pins, rings) for the majority of their day. They’re not aware of how much they are missing out on being present for moments that matter. They’re so plugged in they are suffering from stress, anxiety, and a lack of sleep. Their ability to focus and concentrate for long periods of time has decreased and impacted their productivity. What’s more, they don’t even realize they need tech-life balance.

Does that sound like you or someone you know? That was me for a big part of 2020!

If you answered yes or maybe, you need to create tech-life balance with the support of digital wellness. Digital Wellness is the use of technology in mindful, intentional, and healthy ways.

In response to my own tech struggles in 2020, I did three things. First, I made a deeper commitment to practice digital wellness during the Digital Wellness Collective’s Digital Wellness Day celebration on May 7th. Second, I decided to get more support by enrolling in and completing the Digital Wellness Institute’s Digital Wellness Educator certification program. Third, I launched Digital Wellness Month to encourage and help people just like practice tech-life balance with small steps during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year I decided to bring the Digital Wellness Day and Digital Wellness Month to my NEW Thriving Mindfully Community, a digital sacred space that inspires us all to nurture, transform, and celebrate our lives and careers. Guess what? It’s FREE to join.

WHAT YOU GET AS A THRIVING MINDFULLY COMMUNITY MEMBER: As a member, you will have free access to the Mindful Self-Care Assessment, 5-Day Challenge, Mindful Self-Care 101 Resource Library, and weekly Mindful Monday Meditation class. You’ll also get special discounts on monthly Thriving Mindfully Academy live classes, Moon Circle and Sound Bath Meditation sessions, webinars, courses, quarterly retreats (March, June, September, and December), coaching packages, and other resources.

HOW TO GET DIGITAL WELLNESS RESOURCES: Once you join the Thriving Mindfully Community, you will receive access to the Digital Wellness Day Resources you can use to create tech-life balance on Digital Wellness Day, May 7th. On May 7th, you’ll get an email message notifying you that the resources are available in the Mindful Self-Care 101 Library.

Go here to claim your free membership in the Thriving Mindfully Community. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to join you too!

One last thing, If you’re looking for a book to read, check out my mindful technology memoir, Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online. It includes a digital wellness section in the Appendix with tips on how you can incorporate digital wellness in your life.

See you in the Thriving Mindfully Community!

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