Do You Need An Election 2020 Self-Care Check-In?

Yesterday, I cried when I heard the U.S. Election 2020 news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had won. My tears were intense and filled with deep gratitude and relief. I rode my bike down to Black Lives Matter Plaza to celebrate with the DC community. Seeing the diverse group of people celebrate and being a part of that celebration filled my heart with unspeakable joy and left me speechless. Check out my photo slideshow.

My tears and emotions were a wake up call. They reminded me of the heaviness I have been carrying during the Election 2020 season. So I decided to do an Election 2020 Self-Care Check-In this week that focuses on loving kindness practices to nourish myself.

This morning, I slowed down with some deep breaths and became still as I reflected on how tough the Election 2020 season has been. I recognized I have experienced many moments of stress and anxiety. My stress and anxiety have been caused by worrying about what is happening to BIPOC, LGBTQ, elderly, and disabled communities. I have overdosed on way too much news and social media. I lost sleep being concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on everyone’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health; relationships; finances; and jobs. Worrying about police brutality against BIPOC communities and the safety, security, and education of myself, family, friends, students, teachers, and frontline, healthcare, and service industry workers has also concerned me.

My inner critic Broomie (a nickname for Broomhilda) wants me to get over it and woman up. Broomie judges me harshly at times. She tries to shame me too. Today, I had a heart-to-heart with her. I told her I was womaning up by nurturing myself with loving kindness practices this week, the rest of November which is Loving Kindness Month, December, and 2021!

Loving kindness is the act of befriending yourself with gentleness and nonjudgment in all you feel, think, say, and do. We all deserve it. It is one of the best ways to practice self-care. Go here to learn more about it and Loving Kindness Month.

If you have experienced stress, anxiety, fear, and/or trauma as a result of the Election 2020 season, COVID-19, police brutality, racial injustice, or economic instability, I invite you to use this week and the rest of the month to focus on practicing self-care with loving kindness for yourself. Use the resources below.


Loving Kindness Practices for Self

Start and/or end your day with a loving kindness moment. All you need are a few minutes (1-5 minutes; take more time if you want to). Begin with three to seven deep breaths. Allow yourself to become still as you breathe. Notice how your body feels. Pay attention to any physical sensations. Become aware of your breath. Observe any sounds and smells around you. Shift your attention to any thoughts in the mind. Just witness the thoughts. Don’t try to push them away or address them. Continue to breathe at your body’s natural rhythm. Start with an intention such as “my intention is to open my heart and offer myself loving kindness.” Use the Loving Kindness Month affirmation and practice above.


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VIDEO: 10 Ways to Give Yourself Loving Kindness

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