Reflections on John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme


Today is December 9th. In nine days I will turn 55. December 18th. Yep that’s right in nine days I will greet the world as a 55 year old.

Today is also the 55th anniversary of the first recording of “A Love Supreme” written by jazz musician Ohnedaruth John Coltrane. Coltrane recorded the four-part suite in one session at the Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

“A Love Supreme” echoes Coltrane’s awareness of and gratitude for his life as an artist guided by Spirit. It honors the beauty and power of surrendering oneself to Spirit in the creative process. Also, it was my first introduction into the spiritual music written and performed by John and his wife Turiyasangitananda Alice. Their music plays a major role in my spirituality, creativity, and yoga-inspired novel, Love’s Troubadours: Karma – Book One.

FYI: Ohnedaruth is John’s spiritual name. It is a Sanskrit word that means com-passion. Turiyasangitananda is Alice’s spiritual name. It means Transcendental Lord’s highest song of Bliss. Her “Journey to Satchidananda” album inspired my name Ananda.


One of my Love’s Troubaadours’ characters is named Ohnedaruth. Read my 2009 blog post to learn more. Buy my book on Amazon.

Here’s a special treat: the words Coltrane wrote about “A Love Supreme.” Enjoy!

A LOVE SUPREME by John Coltrane (Impulse Record AS-77)

I will do all I can to be worthy of Thee, O Lord.
It all has to do with it.
Thank You God. Peace. There is none other.
God is. It is so beautiful.
Thank You God. God is all.
Help us to resolve our fears and weaknesses.
In you all things are possible.
Thank you God.
We know. God made us so.
Keep your eye on God.
God is. He always was. He always will be.
No matter what… it is God.
He is gracious and merciful.
It is most important that I know Thee.
Words, sounds, speech, men, memory, throughts,
fears and emotions–time–all related…
all made from one… all made in one.
Blessed be his name.
Thought waves–heat waves–all vibrations–
all paths lead to God. Thank you God.
His way… it is so lovely… it is gracious.
It is merciful–Thank you God.
One thought can produce millions of vibrations
and they all go back to God… everything does.
Thank you God.
Have no fear… believe… Thank you God.
The universe has many wonders. God is all.
His way… it is so wonderful.
all go back to God and He cleanses all.
He is gracious and merciful… Thank you God.
Glory to God… God is so alive.
God is.
God loves.
May I be acceptable in Thy sight.
We are all one in His grace.
The fact that we do exist is acknowledgement
of Thee, O Lord.
Thank you God.
God will wash away all our tears…
He always has…
He always will.
Seek him everyday. In all ways seek God everyday.
Let us sing all songs to God.
To whom all praise is due… praise God.
No road is an easy one, but they all
go back to God.
With all we share God.
It is all with God.
It is all with Thee.
Obey the Lord.
Blessed is He.
We are all from one thing… the will of God…
Thank you God.
–I have seen ungodly–
none can be greater–none can compare
Thank you God.
He will remake… He always has and He
always will.
It’s true–blessed be His name–Thank you God.
God breathes through us so completely…
so gently we hardly feel it… yet,
it is our everything.
Thank you God.
All from God.
Thank you God. Amen.

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