Practice Self-Care This Summer with A Recipe of Weekly Themes

Have you heard about my Thriving Mindfully Summer of Self-Care?

My journey as a lululemon luminary inspired me to launch the Thriving Mindfully Summer of Self-Care. It’s a three-month journey designed to do three things in our lives.

  • Remember and accept we are worthy of and deserve self-care.
  • Nurture our spirit, heart, mind, body, breath, and life with self-care each day.
  • Offer ourselves a dose of the Big 5 — loving kindness, compassion, patience, nonjudgment, and forgiveness — when we don’t show up fully and practice self-care the way we’d like to.

I invite you to join me on this self-care journey that will include online and DC-based meditation and mindfulness classes and workshops, inspiring blog and social media posts, and videos and podcasts with reflections, journaling exercises, guided meditation, tips, and resources. Read more about it here.


In case you are wondering how you can practice self-care each day, I have created a recipe of weekly themes you can use as a resource for getting started.

  • Slow Down Sunday
  • Mindful Monday
  • Time Management Tuesday
  • Wellness Wednesday
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Fun-day Friday
  • Savor Your Life Saturday

Listen to the Thriving Mindfully Podcast for more information about my self-care recipe of weekly themes and how to use them to identify one thing you can do each day to honor yourself.

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