Eaton Radio Launches Ananda Leeke’s Thriving Mindfully Show, S1 EP 1 – Women Warriors Who Practice Mindfulness in March


On March 16th, Eaton Radio and I partnered to launch my Thriving Mindfully Show at the Eaton Workshop, a woman-owned arts, social justice, and wellness hotel, co-working space, and center in DC. The Thriving Mindfully Show is dedicated to sharing stories about people who use mindfulness to express creativity, social justice activism, and wellness. The one-hour program airs on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Go here to listen to the inaugural episode featuring a discussion on Warrior Women Who Practice Mindfulness with Satyani McPherson of Kozmique Light Media, Iris Rivera of Intentional Healing, and Emily Rasowsky of The Release. During the show, the women discussed the following:

  • the meaning of mindfulness and meditation
  • each woman’s journey and what led them to mindfulness
  • each woman’s healing arts gifts and business
  • reflections on “Mindfulness as the New Sexy,” a phrase I coined and am currently exploring in my own life, book writing, and teaching and speaking practices.

Also, Emily led a short meditation that focuses on the breath. Satyani offered a guided body scan and meditation. Iris used her Tibetan singing bowl to guide us through a meditation.


Watch a 34-minute excerpt from the Facebook Live video here.

Check out the after the show video below.







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