Guess who joined the NTEN Board in March? Moi! Woo Hoo!

March was a positive, powerful, and productive month. One of the most positive and powerful moments occurred when I joined the Nonprofit Technology Network’s Board of Directors during the annual conference in Portland, Oregon. I am super excited to serve along side a fantastic group of folks including my fellow new Board members Jude Parker Koski and Meico Marquette Whitlock.


Shout out to the current NTEN Board members who welcomed us with open arms, herbal tea, and healthy food and snacks: Amy Sample Ward, Jason Shim, Rob Wu, Jereme Bivins, Vailey Oehlke, Nam-ho Park, John Zoltner, Ken Montenegro, Farra Trompeter, Gayle Samuelson Carpentier, Debra Socia, and Beth Kanter.

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