Poetry Month Day #28: “Starting Over” Poem

Happy Day #28 of National Poetry Month!

Today’s poem is entitled “Starting Over.” It was inspired by several wisdom quotes posted on author Panache Desai’s Facebook page.





Starting Over

My life as I know it has died.
My past has served its purpose.
Creator is calling me to begin within.
It’s been hard to admit what’s happening.
It’s been hard to release what no longer works because I fear change.
The more I resist, the harder I struggle to breathe in peace.
The day comes when I must choose life over death.
So I let go and surrender to the unknown.
My path is unclear.
It is calling me to start over with faith, trust, and belief in Creator as my source.
It is reminding me life is an opportunity to grow at all times.
I bless my past and wave goodbye as I walk into the next chapter of my life.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: http://www.panachedesai.com

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