Poetry Month Day #10: “Success” Poem

Happy Day #10 of National Poetry Month!

This week, I completed Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s Manifesting True Success 21-Day meditation series. Meditating each day on the wisdom they shared and chanting sacred mantras helped me redefine SUCCESS and plant new seeds of what it means in my spirit, heart, mind, and body. Here are some of the key takeaways from this experience.






They inspired today’s poem “Success” (see below). How do you define success?


Had to come in from the world because how I was being, thinking, living, and doing wasn’t working for me anymore.

I didn’t know what was gonna happen from moment to moment or day to day.

I just knew I needed to turn within and spend time decluttering my spirit, mind, and body so I could embrace my wholeness with an open heart.

As I reconnected with myself from inside of the Inside, my fears of failure, not being or having enough, and unworthiness visited me.

I tried to run from them, but there was no place to hide.

Meeting them face-to-face was my only option.

Our first, second, third, fourth, and fifth dates were horrendous because I was standing in a place of resistance.

Things got a little better when I decided to surrender and embrace the courage to sit with my fears right next to me.

Guess what?

They’re still sitting next to me and we’re still meeting face-to-face as I excavate, understand, and work to release their root cause.

Some days this process feels like a really bad root canal.

Other days it feels Lionel Ritchie singing “it’s easy like Sunday morning.”

In the midst of it all, I am learning to trust myself and not what does or does not happen in life.

And my definition of success is being reframed based on who I am and how I value my uniqueness from the inside out.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: ChopraMeditation.com

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