#DigitalSisterhood Wednesday: #DigitalSisterhoodat50 Lesson 5 NETWORK


Happy #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday Digital Sisters!

NETWORK is #DigitalSisterhoodat50 Lesson 5. For me, NETWORK means to meet and share information with individuals for the purpose of cultivating positive and productive relationships for business, career, and volunteer opportunities. The month of March offered several opportunities to network with women authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creative, digital, media, and tech professionals at events sponsored by DC Media Mavens, DC Web Women, and WordPress/Automattic. After each event, I connected with the women I met via email and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I subscribed to a few blogs written by the women. For two of the events, I wrote blog recaps and thanked the organizers. I also sent thank you emails and mailed or hand delivered handwritten notes to the organizers.




How do you define NETWORK?

How do you follow up with people after you meet them?

What motivates you to cultivate relationships in your NETWORK?

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