Poetry Month Day #5 – “Resurrection” Poem


Happy Easter and Happy Day #5 of National Poetry Month!

Today’s poem is entitled “Resurrection.” It was inspired by the Easter Sunday service I attended this morning at my church, Unity of Washington, DC. Reverend Sylvia E. Sumter, Senior Minister at Unity, shared a powrful message about “The Unconquerable Spirit.” The Unity choir rocked the house with a soulful series of songs. The Unity congregation was filled with love, light, peace, and positivity. The experience filled me with an abundance of gratitude that poured itself into creative expression … my “Resurrection” poem.


Every morning I rise from my bed is a ressurrection.
An opportunity to choose how I will live my life.
I can choose to see it as a blessing to start again


I can follow the stories I tell myself that are NOT true and walk straight into my mind of judgment.
Judgment of self.
Judgment of others.

Today, I made a ressurection commitment to wholeness.
It begins when I rise each day and do the work of understanding, forgiving, and releasing the untrue stories and judgment.
It is a path I’m taking.
One that I’ve avoided for many years for fear of life getting messy, but there’s no place hide at 50.
So I have surrendered.

Guess what I found on the other side of surrender?
The makings of an unconquerable spirit.

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

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