Poetry Month Day #3 Poem – “Flourish”


Happy Day #3 of National Poetry Month!

Today’s poem is entitled “Flourish.” It is dedicated to my dearest sistalove friend Evette Chambers, a native Washingtonian, wife, mother, natural hair entrepreneur, co-founder of City Kinks, and a holistic health enthusiast.



Today, while Evette took great care of my locs, we chatted about living positively, being grateful, dreaming BIG, believing in ourselves and our dreams, owning our beauty and brilliance, making time to connect and have fun with our circles of supportive people, and taking great care of our bodies, minds, and spirits each and every day. Our conversation was filled with the essential ingredients of a recipe for a flourishing life.


From the core of my being
I choose to dream and live fully and freely
I believe I deserve this life
I own it
I do what is required to manifest it with grace and gratitude
It’s all mine
Every moment of every day of every year

Copyright 2015 by Madelyn C. Leeke. All rights reserved.

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