#CreativityThursday: #Creativityat50 Lesson 4 PRACTICE

Happy #CreativityThursday!

#Creativityat50 Lesson 4 is PRACTICE. One thing I know for sure after living and working as a creative professional for 20+ years is that my creative expression deepens, expands, and improves the more I practice it.



While I was at the WordPress Press Publish Conference in Portland, Oregon last weekend, I attended two great photography sessions led by Joe Boydston and Sheri Bigelow, members of the Automattic team. During their sessions, I learned several smartphone photography tips including getting close up to an image and low on the ground to take photos, framing a photo, and turning photos into black and white for a different look. Their tips were easy and simple to follow That’s why I started practicing them right after their sessions. Check out my practice photo (based on framing tip) I took while looking out of my hotel room.

Did you attend the Press Publish photography sessions? What did you learn?


Here’s a photo from my Monday afternoon walk on 16th Street, NW in Washington, DC. I used the get low tip to take it.

Do you like to take photos with your smartphone? What kind of photos do you take? Any special tips for taking photos?


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