Happy #CreativityThursday: Celebrating Creativity of Natural Hair Entrepreneur Evette Chambers

Happy #CreativityThursday!

Today I am celebrating the creativity of natural hair entrepreneur Evette Chambers, my loctician for the past 10 years. Evette is the founder of City Kinks, a Washington, DC-based natural hair salon.

Photo Credit: Evette Chambers
Photo Credit: Evette Chambers

Her skills, style, and spirit are OUTSTANDING. She is a positive inspiration and a natural-born connector who believes in sharing the wealth. She supports her clients in many different ways such as facilitating health and political awareness sessions, encouraging people to follow their passion, sharing information, promoting client businesses and events, and hosting client gatherings. Her generosity of spirit and commitment to community building make her a true blessing!

Did you know that she was featured in Essence Magazine and its special hair issue?

What more can I say about her?

She rocks!

Photo Credit: Evette Chambers
Photo Credit: Evette Chambers

Check out my before and after photos from my session with Evette on Wednesday. My hair is healthy and beautiful because of her great work and teachings. For the past several months, I have been having a deep love affair with her creative expression of an elegant French braid. It is easy to care for and makes me feel “femme chic.” Also, I have received so many compliments on this style. It is definitely one in a million!


Here is a photo of Evette’s creative interpretation of a classic bun that was taken in 2013. As you can tell from my facial expression in the photo, visiting City Kinks is always a fun-filled experience. She infuses her “joie de vivre” into everything she does!

Photo Credit: Ananda Leeke
Photo Credit: Ananda Leeke

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