Happy #CreativityThursday: Writing E-Books

Ananda writing in her journal at Love Café on U Street in DC in 2004
Ananda writing in her journal at Love Café on U Street in DC in 2004

Happy #CreativityThursday!

I’ve been writing books since 1992. I started with poetry chapbooks which opened the door to women’s creativity workbooks. All of this writing laid the foundation for blogging which began 10 years ago and the publication of my first novel, Love’s Troubadours – Karma: Book One in 2007 and my two memoirs, That Which Awakens Me in 2009 and Digital Sisterhood in 2013.

Photo Credit: http://ebookreadersoftware.wordpress.com/tag/publish-ebooks/
Photo Credit: http://ebookreadersoftware.wordpress.com/tag/publish-ebooks/

For the next six months, I have decided to write and publish a series of e-books. Today, I found a great article about publishing e-books on my digital sister and fellow author/blogger, Shonell Bacon’s LinkedIn page. It gave me some great tips for publishing my e-books. Click here to read it.

Do you have any plans to write an e-book? If yes, what resources are you using to write it?

What creative projects are you working on this spring and summer?

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