Happy Yoga Monday: Yoga Treats from the Sackler Gallery ‘ #artofyoga


Happy Yoga Monday!

What are your favorite yoga treats?

Last week, I won a fantastic bag of yoga treats from the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery. The giveaway was held as a part of the “Yoga: The Art of Transformation” exhibition and sponsored by Whole Foods Market. My yoga teacher and mentor, Debra Mishalove, founder of Flow Yoga Center, selected the yoga treats.

They included a Gaiam Metro bag (I’ve been craving one of these bags since early last year), Sesame Oil (just what my skin needed), the latest issue of ORIGINS magazine (yummy reading for February), dried white sage smudge sticks (perfect for cleansing my “chakra castle” home), Nag Champa incense (adore it… great for my morning and evening yoga/reiki practices), raw almonds and cashews (lovely winter snacks), a Whole Foods bag (something to carry my groceries in), Mineral Fusion Nail Polish (my niece Jordan claimed the polish), and a $100 Whole Foods gift card (awesome…. since I love to drop by on Saturday mornings after my Kundalini yoga class for oatmeal and green tea).

Many thanks to the Sackler Gallery and Whole Foods!

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