Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! It’s Blogalicious Week in My World!

Happy Internet Geek Tuesday! Happy October!

It’s finally here! It’s Blogalicious Week in my world! That’s right I am taking a whole week to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Blogalicious community and conferences which connect over 5,000 multicultural women and men influencers with brands and celebrate diversity in social media.


I’ve been a fan ever since the first conference in 2009. Read my Examiner.com blog which captures the magic of my first Blogalicious experience.


Me and Xina Eiland moderating open-mic luncheon session @Blogalicious 2010 - Photo Credit: NYCityMama Carol Cain
Me and Xina Eiland moderating open-mic luncheon session @Blogalicious 2010 – Photo Credit: NYCityMama Carol Cain

The Miami conference in 2010 was probably my favorite because I roomed with my digital sister and co-hosted the open mic at the McDonald’s lunch with Xina Eiland, learned about the Heart of Haiti campaignconducted a series of Digital Sisterhood interviews with Blogalicious community members, launched #DigitalSisterhood Wednesdays on Twitter, met National Urban League President/CEO Marc Morial, and fell in love with the Four Seasons hotel (AMAZING!). Read my blog recap to learn more about 2010 experiences.


Ananda and her father, "J"
Ananda and her father, “J”

The 2011 conference at the Gaylord National Hotel in Maryland was probably the most convenient for me since I live in Washington, D.C. It was a lot of fun because my dad, Dr. John F. Leeke was able to attend. He had a lot of fun learning about blogging. His experience inspired the 2012 launch of his blog.




The 2012 conference was held in Las Vegas. It was my first visit to the city. I loved the early morning walks Xina and I took (we roomed together again which was a lot of fun). I also enjoyed the wonderful conversations I had with various Blogalicious community members during the Afternoon Tea. I learned a lot from Mario Armstrong’s keynote and was inspired by the luncheon talks given by Miss Lori and Corynne Corbett. I was honored to share my insights about blogging and the blogosphere during the community jam. Danica Kombol brought the Heart of Haiti family together with an impromptu get together!


This year’s conference is going to be AWESOME. I am rooming with Xina and my dad is coming. I am so excited to see everyone, listen and learn from the brilliant speakers, share my creativity coaching services in one-on-one sessions, moderate the crowdfunding panel on October 4th, and sip some sweet tea!



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