Happy Creativity Thursday – Making Your Creative Mark by Eric Maisel


Happy Creativity Thursday!

Last month, I read Eric Maisel’s new book, Making Your Creative Mark. It was filled with tough love for my creative soul. Why? I’ve been stuck and whining about the publisher’s comments on my manuscript for my upcoming book, Digital Sisterhood: A Memoir of Fierce Living Online since December. I’ve struggled with making the required edits and had so many moments of doubt. Making Your Creative Mark offered me a series of opportunities to get real about my book and creative life as an artist, coach, and writer.

The book begins with a forceful statement that has become my mantra: “Your first task as a creative person is to “mind your mind.” Maisel’s words forced me to go deep within to define, accept, and take full responsibility for my career as an artist, coach, and writer. It also helped me better understand my doubts and fears.

My favorite chapters (Chapter 1 on the Mind Key, Chapter 2 on The Confidence Key, Chapter 3 on The Passion Key, Chapter 3 on The Freedom Key, and Chapter 8 on The Identity Key) helped me develop a series of affirmations and action steps I am using to:

  • Ground myself daily.
  • Complete my Digital Sisterhood book edits by May 31.
  • Finalize my book publication process with my publisher by June 30.
  • Finalize and launch my book marketing plan by July 15.
  • Increase my creative expression opportunities, clients, and revenue streams as an artist/coach/writer on a monthly basis.

In short, the book was a game changer for me!

If you are an artist, writer, painter, singer, filmmaker, musician, sculptor, dancer, actor, and creative person or professional who is faced with challenges, doubts, and fears in your creative process, click here to buy a copy of Making Your Creative Mark. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: EricMaisel.com
Photo Credit: EricMaisel.com

Maisel is amazing! He is a creativity coach and the author of many books including Creativity for Life and Coaching the Artist Within (two books I plan to read this summer to further develop my own practice and services as creativity coach). He has blogs on the Huffington Post and Psychology Today and writes a column for Professional Artist Magazine. Visit www.ericmaisel.com.

Disclaimer: This blog post was written as a review for New World Library.

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