Happy Yoga Monday! 4/29

Happy Yoga Monday!

I love writing and reading stories about characters who practice yoga. One of my favorite yoga-inspired fiction books is Yoga Mamas by Katherine Stewart.

Yoga Mamas, one of my favorite yoga fiction books
Yoga Mamas, one of my favorite yoga fiction books

Yoga Mamas is a great chick-lit book to read during the spring or summer seasons. It tells the story of four pregnant women who take an exclusive prenatal yoga class at a Soho yoga studio in New York City. The main character Laura is the book’s narrator. When the book begins, it seems like the only things Laura has in common with her three chic, well-to-do, Prada-wearing mothers-to-be is her pregnant belly and a yoga mat. They do lunch (like the Sexy and the City gals) and become fast friends as they share stories about their lives and partners. You’ll travel with them through their NYC and Long Island adventures. You’ll also witness the unravelling of a juicy secret that gives birth to scandal (it’s a good one….). So pick up the book and read it!

What are your favorite yoga-inspired fiction books?

Photo Credit: http://dccy.org/dc-yoga-week
Photo Credit: http://dccy.org/dc-yoga-week

I love the DC Yoga community. Why? They come together each year to offer yoga lovers an opportunity to practice free and $5 yoga classes during DC Yoga Week. This year, over 40 yoga studios are participating in DC Yoga Week which will be held on April 29 through May 5. The week closes on May 5 with Yoga on the Mall at the Constitution Gardens by the Vietnam War Memorial.  The event will begin at 11:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. Three of my favorite studios, Embrace Yoga, Flow Yoga Center, and Tranquil Space are participating in the week-long celebration. Smith Center for Healing and the Arts is a partner for the event (FYI – I work at Smith Center as an artist-in-residence). Click here to learn more about the events.

If you are in DC, are you planning to participate in DC Yoga Week?

Does your city celebrate a Yoga Week?

OM #YogaMonday OM!

yogacalmPS: Need yoga inspiration? Check out my yoga Pinterest board.

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