Happy Creativity Thursday – 4/18

Photo Credit: FilmfestDC.com
Photo Credit: FilmfestDC.com

Happy Creativity Thursday!

Last weekend, I attended Filmfest DC’s screening of Ballin’ at the Graveyard, a documentary written and produced by Basil Anastassiou and Paul Kentoffio that tells the story of what happens when men come together to play pickup basketball at Washington Park aka the “Graveyard” in Albany, New York.  Click here to watch the film trailer.

Photo Credit: http://ballinatthegraveyard.com
Photo Credit: http://ballinatthegraveyard.com

In the midst of watching Ballin’ at the Graveyard and listening to the men’s trash talking, I learned their weekend warrior basketball adventures are much more than fun and games.  They are fueled by a passionate energy that expresses itself through hours of exchanges on and off-the-court.  Their emotions and experiences paint a tapestry of brotherhood, commitment, community, family, friendship, history, intergenerational bonds, leadership, legacy, mentoring, nurturing, and sharing I hadn’t expected to see.  The relationships they have formed and continue to build are soulful, life affirming, and rooted in a deep love for one another, their community, and pick-up basketball.  This movie has stolen my heart and become one of my favorite films.  Please go see it when it comes to your city. Also, tell others about it.

PS: Be sure to LIKE Ballin’ at the Graveyard on Facebook and follow it on Twitter!


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