The Business of Being Ananda: Staying on Track with 21 Days of Feminine Business Model Telejam Series

Photo Credit: Tracy Lee Jones
Photo Credit: Tracy Lee Jones

Happy Tuesday!

For the next three weeks I am participating in Tracy Lee Jones’ The Feminine Business Model’s Global Telejam Series. I am using the Series as my reset button for 2013. So far, I have watched the “How to Cultivate Your Creativity (aired today)” with Jennifer Lee of Artizen CoachingGoddess Leonie Dawson, and Laura Hollick.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lee
Photo Credit: Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee’s book, The Right-Brain Business Plan has been so powerful in my life. Goddess Leonie is someone I have admired for years. I met Jennifer and Leonie while reading the Pink Heels blog and web site (no longer in existence) created by Jennifer Moore. I also connected with them through Jamie Ridler’s Next Chapter Book Blogging Group. Leonie is a true inspiration!

Ananda's Creativity Folder
Ananda’s Creativity Folder

The Telejam Series is helping me stay focused and on track with my intention to live dharma happiness. My intention guides my fierce living commitments to healthy eating and cooking, regular fitness (biking, running, walking, weight training, and taking a weekly yoga class at Tranquil Space or Embrace DC), making time each day for meditation/Reiki/yoga, getting sufficient rest and sleep each day, having fun and laughing daily, dancing, maintaining my home as a creative/loving/healing sanctuary, spending time with family and friends weekly, enjoying/expressing my creativity, participating in my spiritual communities on a monthly basis, and finishing the publisher’s edits for my Digital Sisterhood memoir and having the book published this winter with EASE, GRACE, JOY, and PEACE!

Photo Credit":Tracy Lee Jones
Photo Credit”:Tracy Lee Jones

About Tracy Lee Jones and the Telejam Series:

Tracy Lee Jones is a Life Coach, Mentor to Emerging Entrepreneurs, and Founder &    Chief Inspiration Officer of The Feminine Business Model. Tracy launched The Feminine Business Model’s Global Telejam Series to help women make motivation a habit. Her series includes 21 days of awe-inspiring videos from women all around the world. It’s free too! So sign up ladies: It is a great investment in YOU, your most precious asset!

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