#BlogforObama: Why I am Voting for President Obama

Ananda before voting on Election Day 2012 in DC

Happy Election Day!

Today, I thought I would share my reasons for voting for President Obama as a part of my work with the #BlogforObama community of women bloggers. I’ll start with a story about my 2012 election inspiration: my parents, Theresa and John Leeke. They are actively engaged over 70, cyber-citizens who use their social media platforms to do exactly what Morra Aarons-Mele wrote about in her recent Huffington Post article, “Each One Reach One; Social Media GOTV:

“Turns out, we can use our social media networks to influence friends and followers to vote.”

President Barack Obama

Their Facebook posts are passionately written to inform their families, friends, and colleagues about President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign. They also share information about the many ways Governor Romney has mispresented himself and his campaign. They post daily and weekly.

Dr. John Leeke (middle with t-shirt) volunteering at PG County, MD Obama campaign office

My father took his social media support for President Obama to a higher level when he started using his Twitter account and Tumblr blog to advocate on behalf of the Obama 2012 campaign. He also upped his on-the-ground volunteering game by traveling to Virginia several times to knock on doors with his fellow Prince George’s County, Maryland residents.

Dr. John Leeke leading a bus chat for Obama 2012 campaign effort in Virginia

When I was getting discouraged in June, my parents told me to invest 200 percent in the Obama 2012 campaign. So I jumped in with weekly blog posts, Facebook status updates, and tweets. I also volunteered for the D.C. Obama team and with my father at several local phone canvasing events in P.G. County, Maryland. My monthly Yoga for Obama fundraiser classes in Malcolm X-Meridian Hill Park gave me a chance to share my love of yoga and the Obama campaign. Contributing financially to the campaign via BarackObama.com helped me own a piece of the Obama 2012 rock. Seeing President Obama’s live web cast at BlogHer this summer was energizing. Joining the #BlogforObama community of women bloggers and live tweeting during the debates in September and October allowed me to add my support to the voices of women online.

Me and digital sister Tracey Friley at BlogHer’s live web cast with President Obama
Dr. John Leeke volunteering at PG County, MD Obama campaign office
Me volunteering at PG County Obama Campaign Office
#BlogforObama Campaign
Me canvasing for Obama 2012 campaign on U Street in DC

Today, I got up early and had my own personal Yoga for Obama yoga session at home before heading out to Starbucks for a hot chocolate and a 10-minute walk to my voting center. As I walked to the center, I thought about the many reasons I support President Obama.

President Obama at Barnard College
Obama Women for Healthcare
Obama buttons

Here’s a short list of the some of my reasons.

1) My President knows women’s rights are ESSENTIAL and IMPORTANT.

2) My President has been working since he entered the White House in 2009 to make America better with programs and funding that support education, healthcare, jobs, and the list goes on and on.

3) My President is committed to building a stronger economy.

4) My President supports military families and has ended the war in Iraq.

5) My President makes all of his administration’s policies and activities available online.

6) My President CARES about all Americans.

7) My President knows America must invest in her youth, education programs, job training programs, technology, and the list goes on and on.

Voting sign from DC
People in DC getting ready to vote today
Me smiling after I voted for President Obama this morning

What are your reasons for voting for President Obama?

How will you celebrate his victory today?

What are you going to do to support him in his next administration beginning on November 7?

UPDATE: SO HAPPY POTUS Obama won the election and has a second term.


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