Ananda’s Whereabouts for July-October

Ananda’s writing office — various Starbucks in DC, Maryland, and Virginia — Photo Credit: Kim Shults

Hi All,

It’s time for a digital diet break! In order to finish my Digital Sisterhood book for my publisher, I need to go offline and focus (will be spending more time at local Starbucks and my kitchen to write!).  My blog will be very quiet during July, August, September, and October.  I will post about my BlogHer adventures in August, Blogalicious experiences in September, and Digital Undivided moments in October.  I should be back in full force by November and definitely by December (for Digital Sisterhood Month).

A writer getting down to business

FYI – I will still post my weekly Obama tweets on my @anandaleeke Twitter account and Facebook posts to support President Obama’s campaign once or twice per week. Thanks to Hootsuite I will be able to schedule these posts in advance.  Also, you can read my weekly Digital Sisterhood Network blog posts featuring Digital Sister Leaders and follow the #DigitalSisterhood Wednesday tweets.

Enjoy your summer!

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