Happy June! What’s happening with Ananda all month long ….

Ms. Delores, a 79 year old runner and Ananda at Komen Race for the Global Cure 5K on June 2 in DC

Happy June and Happy Tuesday!

Today I am marinating on the wisdom I received from Ms. Delores, a 79 year old runner. I met her while running the Komen Race for the Global Cure 5K on June 2 in DC (see photo). She started running at the age of 50 and currently leads a running group in her neighborhood. Her wisdom was rooted in moving your body, moving your mind, and moving your spirit. They all work together for your highest and greatest good.  How are you moving your body, mind, and spirit this month?
Ananda giving a thumbs up after running Komen Race for the Global Cure 5K in DC on June 2
I am moving my body with daily yoga and walking, weekly running and core/weight training exercises, healthy eating, more sleep, weekly biking, and a 5K on June 16 for pancreatic cancer.
Cover of Ananda’s Vision Board Book
I am moving my mind with a daily writing schedule (it’s a fierce bootcamp that is getting me through the final chapters of my Digital Sisterhood memoir book). I am also moving my mind by reviewing my vision board book that I had to make as part of my Mastermind Group on a daily basis.  It is filled with positive affirmations, goals, and mini vision boards that support all parts of my life.
Photo Credit: Leigh Mosley
I am moving my spirit with daily prayer, meditation, Reiki healing touch, and devotional reading. I am also making sure that I attend my Mastermind Group weekly meetings, People of Color Sangha Buddhist monthly meeting, and weekly church service at All Souls Unitarian Church.  Enjoy June!

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