#BlissDom12 Conference Blog Recap Part 3: Watch Ananda’s 3/12 Spreecast Video Interview with @WorldTravelMom Tawanna Smith

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During the BlissDom 2012 conference, I had a chance to spend time with Tawanna Smith (a/k/a @WorldTravelMom on Twitter), founder of MomsGuideToTravel.com.  We talked a lot about what it means to tap into the power of fierce living from your creative heart (the topic of my February 24th conference session), writing, intentions, and setting boundaries when completing goals.  She and Lucrecer Braxton, founder of Art Slam, also stopped by my BlissDom book signing and purchased a copy of my memoir, That Which Awakens Me.  We had a great time discussing creativity.  After I signed Tawanna’s book, she invited me to do an interview on her Spreecast video show.  Now that’s Digital Sisterhood in real time!

Lucrecer Braxton (red), Ananda & Tawanna Smith

FYI: Tawanna will be interviewing me about “Fierce Living from Your Creative Heart” (includes a discussion about my book, That Which Awakens Me) on March 12 at 8:30 pm ET.  Click here to watch the live interview.  If you miss it, you will be able to watch the recording.

#BlissDom12 Conference Blog Recap – Part 2

Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign logo

While I was at the BlissDom 2012 Conference, I had a chance to learn about the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign sponsored by Feeding America and ConAgra.  After speaking with the campaign representatives, I decided to record a video to support their efforts. Click here to watch the video.

FYI – Here are several key statistices about child hunger in the United States.

1) More than 1 in 5 children in the U.S. don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

2) More than 16 million children in the U.S. face hunger

3) The face of child hunger is different than you might think. It’s not just starving or homeless children. Often, it’s a one- or two-income family that has suffered from the economy and have depleted their savings.

For more information, visit the web sites below.

PS: Check out the photos of the great swag and information I received from ConAgra and Feeding America at BlissDom below.

ConAgra/Feeding America swag from BlissDom

#BlissDom12 Conference Blog Recap – Part 1

My BlissDom12 program, badge and journal

It’s been a week since I attended BlissDom 2012 at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then I have been marinating in the beauty and memories of the amazing conference and community.  In the midst of all of this marinating, I was able to:

  • ease back into my daily life with insights gained from Jeannette Kaplun’s session on Living (and Embracing) the Best of the Life You Have Created for Yourself (thank you Jeannette for reminding me to choose joy, grace, gratitude, ease, acceptance, forgiveness, and peace!),
  • go grocery shopping and pay the monthly bills,
  • wash my clothes and watch Young and the Restless, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, and Revenge (yep I am a soap opera lover),
  • put my luggage and BlissDom swag away,
  • wear some of my BlissDom swag like my Lisa Leonard silver “bliss” necklace,
  • drink water out of my BlissDom swag cup from the Croc company,
  • re-gift some of the BlissDom swag,
  • share conference highlights with family and friends,
  • do a mental check-in with myself about my 2012 vision and mission statement as it relates to my personal brand based on the work I did during Tami Heim’s session on Branding You: The Merger Between Their Perception and Your Reality (thanks Tami for preparing me for this amazing work I am called to do this year!),
  • review my conference session notes and aha moments in my journal and determine what parts I will include in the last chapter of my upcoming Digital Sisterhood book,
  • post my conference photos on Flickr and write a narrative about most of my favorite moments,
  • add my photos to the BlissDom photo group on Flickr so others can see them,
  • record and tweet four Cinchcast audio blog recaps about some of the conference sessions I attended and things I learned,
  • follow and read the #BlissDom & #BlissDom12 Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and blog posts written by my fellow BlissDom digital sisters and brothers,
  • watch the opening conference videos from BlissDom 2012 and BlissDom 2011 (these videos really inspire me),
  • embrace my visual voice by visiting a new video web site and creating a short video with music (thanks Diane Cu for your amazing conference session on Storytelling and Embracing Imperfection: Empower Your Visual Voice with Photography and Video), and
  • write this blog (which is part one of my BlissDom 2012 Conference Recap series).

What fun I have had!  And there’s more blog posts with photos and audio blogs to come in the next days and weeks.  In the meantime, check out the links to my Flickr photos and audio blog recaps on Cinchcast below. Enjoy!

Me sitting on the floor with the BlissDom conference arrow for the Girls Night In Event with Oprah and the OWN Network

1) BlissDom Flickr photos

2) Cinchcast Audio Blog Recap #1 discusses the meaning of BlissDom (includes an acronym I created to explain BlissDom).

3)  Cinchcast Audio Blog Recap #2 discusses the PichaGlobal.com business by and for women that offers social good and photography opportunities in a sharing community.

4) Cinchcast Audio Blog Recap #3 discusses the takeaways I received from Jeannette Kaplun‘s session on Living (and Embracing) the Best of the Life You Have Created for Yourself.

5) Cinchcast Audio Blog Recap #4 discusses the takeaways I received from Diane Cu’s session on Storytelling and Embracing Imperfection: Empower Your Visual Voice with Photography and Video.