Happy Friday!

Ananda writing!

Happy Friday!

January sure has been a quick month! It’s been filled with lots of rest, play, fun, and work for me …. writing, revising, dreaming, brainstorming. I call it the Dragon Year of Fierce Living. Dragon Year comes from Chinese New Year (started on 1/23). My family celebrates it on Sunday! I am also a dragon! Yep I was born the year of the dragon and nicknamed Puf the Magic Dragon as a child.

Check out the new look of AnandaLeeke.com. Let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance. Enjoy the rest of January and have a fabulous February!

PS: Check me out on #Digitalsisterhood Wednesdays via @digitalsisterhd on Twitter in February.  Each Wednesday Digital Sisterhood Network is going to have a #DSFierceLiving discussion you don’t wanna miss!

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