Saluting A Heart of Social Good: Pamela Pressley, Founder/Editor of The COTILLION

Photo Credit: Pamela Pressley's Facebook Photo Collection

As a Heart of Haiti ambassador, I was asked to blog about a fellow blogger who has a “Heart of Social Good.”  Pamela Pressley, founder and publisher of The COTILLION has an overflowing “Heart of Social Good!”  Pamela established The COTILLION to serve as a news resource and membership organization dedicated to highlighting and promoting philanthropic and cultural enrichment activities in the Washington, DC area and other metropolitan cities. In November 2010, she organized the National Philanthropy Day with The COTILLION, an event that gave Washington DC professionals and area philanthropist an opportunity to discuss their causes or missions.

Pamela and I met at my book signing in December 2009.  I will always remember the way she shined her smile as she talked about her work with The COTILLION.  Her positive energy, passion, and commitment to tell the stories of people and organizations who are involved in social good efforts was IMPRESSIVE and INSPIRING!  In the midst of telling these stories, I have watched her personally serve organizations and causes. She has a generous spirit and shares what she knows with anyone who asks.  That’s what makes Pamela a precious diamond diva with a Heart of Social Good who gives back and encourages others to do the same!

Are you planning to share your “Heart of Social Good” with an organization or cause in 2011? How? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

PS: Remember to follow the Heart of Haiti campaign on Twitter to stay updated about January 2011 events.

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